10 Greens You Should Eat For A Healthy Raw Diet

In episode four of the Raw Food Health Podcast we talk about the importance of greens and how a lot of people get into ruts in their food choices.

I talk about 10 greens I love which you should consider trying.

Sick of lettuce and spinach? These alternatives might just catch your interest.



 Show Notes

The Iceberg lettuce Nutrition Myth

Water Spinach

Nutrition Requirements

Losing Weight While Breastfeeding On A Raw Diet.

Saving 50 to 75 Percent Off Summer Produce.

Romaine Lettuce Burritos W/ Mango Salsa

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11 Responses to “10 Greens You Should Eat For A Healthy Raw Diet”

  1. Suzanne McKinley says:

    I like listening to your podcasts and reading and seeing all you do. So – don’t stop!!!! I have Crohn’s disease and have avoided surgery with eating the way I do now. I’ve learned from you and others. Love my Vitamix. Went to a natural health provider and she started me on my way. She got me off of B/P medicine too. This morning I had a whole grapefruit before my 32 oz. drink from the Vitamix. That has lots in it. Fruit, bananas first, veggies, flax seed, etc. Enough for now. I did write up an about 3 page “note” to give to people to help them. Some think I’m nuts I’m sure. But, I know what works and I feel good.
    Thank you.
    S. McKinley

  2. Ron Berman says:

    Enjoyed your podcast and humor. My favorite greens that you didn’t mention are: Dandelion Greens, Red Chard, and Watercress.
    I dehydrate kale and it’s delicious with garbanzo miso (no soy) green powder and a dash of cayenne. Keep up the good work!

  3. sunnie says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Really enjoying the podcasts, thanks.
    Next time you are in South Florida, head to to Josh’s Organic market in Hollywood. He has (some weeks) the most beautiful purslane I’ve ever had. Also, thanks to you, I was able to recognize and try water spinach at a farmers market in North Queensland, Australia, last year.

    Are you including sesame seeds in your morning smoothie for extra protein? Does the sweet/fat combo not hinder digestion?


    • Hi Sunnie.

      Good to hear from you.

      The sesame seeds are in there because 1) I like the taste, and 2) because they they are nutrient packed. I don’t include nuts/seeds in my diet every day, but I like to mix in a bunch of different stuff for variety. I think variety is the best thing we can seek in our diets to ensure nutrient sufficiency. Bananas, dates, and lettuce (I’ve known raw foodist live off these three foods for months at a time) isn’t going to cut it in the long run.

      I don’t find that including small amounts of fat hinders digestion. I’m more concerned about overall fat content of my diet.

  4. Lara says:

    Thanks for the interesting podcast. I never buy iceberg lettuce, since we’ve always been told it’s nutritionally void. Next time my daughter asks for it, I will get her some!

  5. Paul Palmer says:

    Great podcast! Very timely in my case. I had been struggling with uncontrollable cravings for heavy oily foods. I got an inkling of the solution when Adam Greer talked about increasing protein intake at least temporarily. Four days ago I decided to greatly increase my greens intake for the protein and minerals. I doubled my green smoothie (actually not so green because it includes blueberries and red grapes; I assume “green” refers to the vegetable content, not the colour) consumption. And yes, I do drink fresh juice once a day to sneak in more greens; something strict 801010 RVs frown on. The result is that I have found it easy to stay raw and my allergies and other health concerns are greatly reduced. So what you said about greens reinforces my experience.

    Your interview with Adam Greer was much appreciated, especially as I miss his input in 30bad. I hope we will hear more from him in your podcasts in the future.

    • Hi Paul.

      Glad you found my advice so helpful.

      And yes, I’ll try to bring Adam back on the show sometime in the future.

      Do you have any specific topic requests for future talks with him?

  6. Paul Palmer says:

    Thanks Andrew. A couple of topics might be interesting. Firstly, how does one overcome years of conditioning for the wrong foods? Somehow the body (sub-conscious mind? The reptilian mind?) doesn’t want to change personal reality even though that reality rationally works to undermine one’s health. It would be so much easier if one were raw vegan right from childhood, but we must play the cards we were dealt. Secondly, the role of diet in healthy longevity, and that includes the context of calorie restriction, its validity or lack thereof, and alternatives to that. Any new findings would also be an interesting topic. We have already tweaked the Natural Hygiene (raw vegan version) diet considerably (importance of omega 3, more greens, less nuts and seeds) since Dr. Shelton and probably will again.

  7. Martin Rosenfld says:

    great as always, thanks Andrew

  8. Marina says:

    Inspirational! Keep up with the great work!

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