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Want To Avoid Those Wormy Blue Veins in your Legs? Learn How To Escape Varicose Veins

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Varicose veins have to be one of the odder afflictions humans have to deal with. Why do those blue wormy bulges start multiplying in our legs (and elsewhere)?

The fact is that varicose veins are yet another manifestation of the horrible diet and lifestyle the average person engages in.

Want to know how to avoid developing varicose veins? Read all about it here.

Also, I’ve answered two questions from reader David Kaufmann.

First, he wanted to know why his bananas are all bruised and what he should do about it.

He also wanted to know if eating enough calories would keep him warmer in cold weather. I tell him here.


Is Raw Kombucha Tea Good For You?

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Kombucha Tea is a beverage with a lot of hype floating around it, and raw foodists are taking the bait.

Because kombucha brewed at home doesn’t have to be pasteurized, raw foodists applying the standby, “if it’s raw it must be healthy,” solution have sometimes seen is as something great.

But what does the science actually tell us about this food? Is there merit behind the health claims? Any dangers? In this article I examine Kombucha in depth.

Reader Questions:

I’ve also answered questions from a few readers:

Kathy wanted to know how to prevent weight loss on a raw food diet and learn to eat enough food. I give her my best advice.

Tammy wants to know if I suggest new raw foodists should eat only bananas for 30 days. I explain my stance here.

Should David be worried about oxalic acid? I tell him.


Healthy Salad Video

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Ever wonder what a healthy volume of vegetable intake looks like? I’ve taped myself devouring a big salad at a buffet restaurant to give you an idea.

Check it out here.

Also, you might be interested to learn about the great fruit vs vegetable debate.