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How Eating Raw Will Make You Happier

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Most people never connect the dots, but there’s a tremendous link between what you swallow and how happy you are.

There’s a lot of scientific documentation of people eating progressively better diets having less depression, negative emotions, anxiety, stress, and more stability in their moods.

Learn what you can do to be happier here.


Thank You, Readers of

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Hi Guys.

Bit of an unusual post – Thank you for valuing my contribution to the world and helping it to spread.

Today I was surprised out of my routine by a donation of $100 from a reader who just wanted to say thanks for the information I provide to the world, and that got me thinking.

Doing a handstand scorpion 2005, fueled by my new raw food diet

As some of you know, I started as a hobby in 2008 to provide the information I so desperately needed when I was suffering from colitis and other health problems

I wanted to make sure this life-changing information was available at no cost to anyone who needed it. I suffered from lack of good information and was forced to rely on uninformed doctors, and I didn’t want other people to be in that situation. Today, there are over 250 free articles on the site, and I’ve also answered more than 100 questions from readers at no cost.

People send me emails of thanks all the time, and it’s not unusual to get a few dollars donated here and there. I’ve always appreciated these contributions and messages, but I was blown away by today’s donation.

I don’t have permission to expose the donater’s name, but he told me in an email that he was tired of the misinformation he sees out in the world, including the larger raw food movement, and was impressed by the site’s continued commitment to making ethical choices, even when it means losing lots of potential revenue and the attraction of mainstream. He said his donation was an expression of that appreciation.

But the thing is, I owe you guys some appreciation too.

Without my readership – standing at an average of 2,313 unique visitors a day as of September – I could not devote the time and energy that keeps this site growing. I was able to quit my job as a newspaper reporter to work full time on the site and other projects that are important to me in the spring of 2010, largely because you guys have embraced the message I write about.

Without you, this information would not be here, and neither would I.

So I’d just like to take a moment and say thank you for your interest in honest health information. The impact of that interest grows larger by the day, and a year from now I can only imagine how many people we’ll be reaching with this life-changing message.

A vibrant raw food future is growing toward us.

With much appreciation,
Andrew Perlot

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