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How Chris Lost 140 Pounds Following The Advice in, “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality”

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

UPDATE: Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality Is Now Available

I’ve told you how I’ve lost almost 60 pounds by eating a low fat raw vegan diet, but will these same principles work for others?

Chris Randal is the ultimate case study for the ideas I set out in my new book, “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality,” which will be released April 16th.

Weighing in at over 320 pounds, he adopted a healthy raw diet and watched the pounds fly off. Today he’s down 140 pounds, and looks like a new person.

Hear what Chris eats, how he likes his new diet, and how you can have the same kind of success in this video, the third in a series exploring the concepts discussed in “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality.”

P.S. This is your last chance to win a free copy of “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality.” To enter, you just need to answer one question. Find out how here.


How A Bad Doctor Turned Me Into A Raw Food Crusader

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

UPDATE: Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality Is Now Available

Today I’m more or less sick-proof, athletic, and pretty trim, so when I tell people that I used to weigh 220 pounds, suffered from colitis, and was generally physically pathetic in my early life they react with surprise.

But what was the tipping point that affected me so much that I threw in the towel and became a raw foodist? What got under my skin so much that I created a website that attracts 2,600 visitors a day as a way of striking back?

It all began with a visit to an incompetent doctor who got my blood boiling.

In this video, the second in my series celebrating the upcoming launch, I explain how I ended up a crazy raw food crusader willing to spend 6 months of his life writing, “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality,” in the hope that others will have a clearer path toward overcoming their problems.

Check it out:

Also, the contest giving away free copies of my new book got off to a fantastic start last night.

Click on the comments link to check out these inspiring submissions.

It’s not too late to join the contest and win.

Just one question to answer.




Win A Free Copy Of Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality

Monday, April 9th, 2012

“Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” will be released on April 16, but you’ve got a chance to win a free copy

I’m holding a contest and giving away two free copies of the ebook version (PDF, Epub, mobi, and the other major e-reader formats are included).

What is “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” all about? In short, it contains everything I wish I knew when I began my raw food journey in 2005. I’ve learned a lot through personal experience, mind-numbing failure, and research over the years, and I hope that experience can save others a lot of mistakes and worry.

The book covers quite a range of topics. Here are the major ones:

  • Why you should be eating a healthy raw food diet.
  • A list of the benefits you’re likely to see.
  • What exactly to eat, and how much.
  • How to lose weight
  • What to do if the normal weight-loss suggestions don’t work.
  • How to save loads of money shopping for your raw food diet, and tips for getting free food. What foods are the most economical, etc.
  • How to store and ripen produce.
  • An overview of our evolution and how it’s left us primed to eat raw fruits and vegetables.
  • An extensive appendix where I answer the many questions raw foodists ask me.

To see a complete table of contents, go here.

Win A Free Copy

The book will be released on Tuesday the 16th of April, and I’ll be announcing the winners that morning.

What do you have to do to enter the contest? It’s very simple


1) Sign up for my mailing list so you know if you win.

2) I’d like to give the copies away to people who are going to get a lot of benefit out of them. So to win, you simply go to the comments sections below this blog post and answer the following question:

 “How do you think “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” and the adoption of a healthy raw food diet will change your life for the better? (If you’re already on a raw diet, tell us how you hope to take it to the next level.)

The more detail you give, the better your chances. You must use your full name (your real one). You should also type in an email address I can reach you at when you leave the comment (in the email field).

Good Luck!