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The Lost Art Of Standing

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

We humans, born with a spine at our core, are ridiculously inept when it comes to using it and the muscle that surround it.

Unless our spines are being utilized efficiently, a simple thing like standing -over the course of hours and days – can bring on pains and throw other areas of the body out of whack as we shift the load off the spine to the muscles and joints.

When I wrote about how much I’ve enjoyed switching to a standing desk, many wrote me back to say that they too liked it, but that after a day or two of standing their bodies were in pretty rough shape.

Although these pains could be rooted in a number of things, a likely cause is misuse of the spine.

Luckily, proper spinal alignment, the core of all efficient movement, is pretty simple and easy to learn.

I give an overview in this video. Enjoy.


How Impaired Gut Bacteria Can Derail Your Health

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Your health is reliant on more than just your flesh. There are 100 trillion microorganisms in your gut that are reliant on your care to thrive. If they don’t thrive, neither do you.

Unfortunately, most people live in a way that guarantees that they won’t.

Learn about your gut flora and how you can radically improve your health by giving these bacteria a helping hand in this article.