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Creating A Fruit Paradise With Robyn Du Prey Of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation – Raw Food Health Podcast Episode Two

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
The Raw Food Health Podcast

The Raw Food Health Podcast


In this episode we talk to Robyn Du Prey of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation about making our world a fruit-filled paradise through fruit tree planting and community orchards.

We discuss what her organization does, what people can do in their own communities, how FTPF gains acceptance for its orchards, and its long-term success rates.

Other Topics:

– A critical weight loss tip that’s made a big difference for some of Andrew’s coaching clients.

– Andrew talks about his experience with the 31 heroes work out.

– Raw food exuberance and Jared, a raw foodist who had so much energy he decided to dig a giant hole in the ground.

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Show Notes

– The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

– Jared goes from skinny to jacked on a raw diet video.

– Jared digs a huge hole in the ground and hits water photos.

31 heroes charity workout.

– Website of Julia Denos Perlot, who created the art for the Raw Food Health Podcast.


Breastfeeding And Unwanted Weight Loss On A Raw Food Diet

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Linda has a serious problem on her hands – she’s unintentionally losing weight while breastfeeding and trying to make a raw diet work for her.

She’s getting quite thin, and this situation will not end well if she doesn’t start making better food choices.

So what does she have to do?

I give her some advice on halting her decline here.





The Raw Food Health Podcast Episode One: Debunking Raw Food Myths With Adam Greer

Monday, August 6th, 2012
The Raw Food Health Podcast

The Raw Food Health Podcast


Welcome to the first episode of the Raw Food Health Podcast, a show about improving your health with raw fruits and vegetables.

What’s on the menu today?

– Andrew talks about why he decided to go on a crazy raw food diet

– Slacklining and improving balance

– The raw food tip of the week: is raw corn really healthy?

– Addressing raw food nutrition myths with nutritional therapist Adam Greer – part one.

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Show Notes And Links:

Nutrition Requirements – What nutrients we should be concerned about on a raw diet, and how to adjust cronometer to have good nutrient goals.

Listen To The Show: