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New Website ( Goes Into Stasis)

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

First off, thanks for being a reader of

I created this site in 2008 as a hobby; I was working full time as a newspaper reporter, but huge numbers of the people I ran into every day wanted to grill me about the raw food diet I had used to defeat my intestinal disease, colitis, more than anything else. They had health problems of their own, and wanted my help and advice.

I gave it, but I realized that it was an inefficient way to go about helping people. I created this site as a way of disseminating the life-changing power of a raw diet more readily, and it worked.

Millions of people have visited since 2008. I get emails from people daily telling me how the hundreds of articles, videos, and podcasts I’ve created here have changed their lives for the better.

The architecture of this site is outdated, however, and transferring it over to something else would require tons of work.

So instead I’ve decided to start from scratch with a new brand covering a slightly wider range of related topics.

Yes, I’ll still be talking about the power of raw fruits and veggies, but I’ll also addressing mindfullness/meditation, fitness, and a wide variety of lifestyle issues. will stay up so people can still benefit from the huge amount of content here, but all or almost all of my future efforts will be directed at my new site.

The new site is called Renaissance Humans, and you can check it out here: