30 Days To A Better Squat

Many westerners are unable to squat because they have limited flexibility in their ankles and calf muscles.

In the case of long-time runners and desk-bound athletes, flexibility is sometimes so limited that they fall over backwards when they try to squat.

It took me lots of effort to even be able to squat at all, but now I want to ratchet my fitness up a notch to become truly good at squatting.

I think you’ll be surprised at how much your squatting ability can improve in a very short amount of time.

This 30-day trial is already proving beneficial after two days, and I’m squatting better and free of running-based ankle pain for the first time in years.

Check out the video below to see what I’m doing.

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10 Responses to “30 Days To A Better Squat”

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for this reminder video. I was told the reason i couldn’t do the proper ‘asian, yoga-style’ squat was because i had short & tight achilles tendon & some residual tendonitis. personally i think its also a bit of inflammation and general muscle weakness due to thyroid issues. According to yoga experts, this squat is very good for helping with constipation, as well. Sometimes i feel inordinate amts of stiffness and discomfort in my lower legs above my ankles due to mild swelling – so i do self-massage in the affected areas and also go for acupuncture – there are several acupuncture pts. in the lower leg just above the ankle that extent to digestive (spleen) and gall bladder & kidney meridians – my squat is improved greatly by acupuncture treatments. i suspect that the western diet – heavy in gluten & sugar, in general that sets us up to be poor squatters, not just tightness in the achilles heel region … because these foods cause too much inflammation which leads to all sorts of maladies …

  2. Paul Palmer says:

    I should think squatting is good for the lower back. Any info on that from traditional cultures?

    • Paul – Yes, but it’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario.

      One of the reasons westerners have so many back problems and Asians do not is because Asians do not use chairs as often. They generally squat or sit crosslegged on the floor.

      So is is is it the squatting that’s good for the back, or not using chairs?

      I know that when I started using a standing desk my back problems vanished.

  3. Douglas Hopwood says:

    It would seem that you could just hold the standing stretch with your heel over the edge of your patio for a 5 minute period and achieve the same results. It appeared that you were getting a greater degree of flexion in the ankle and you had the benefit of using body weight instead of the cement slab.

  4. jason says:

    I think it just has to do with your weight and height, more than anything. Many asians are short and skinny and that’s why it’s easy for them to squat like that IMO. I just tried squatting like that and I can’t do it… and I’m very fit (10 years of Karate and Boxing), on the lean side, and never have had any ankle problems or tendonitis. Also I just took a look at a bunch of asians doing this squat, and many have their ankles off the ground.

    • Jason

      I don’t think height and weight are the key factors. In Olympic weight lifting you can see guys who are tall and hugely muscled squat down very low as part of several of the lifts.

      I’ve also seen several 6ft + asians squatting without problems.

  5. jason says:

    I mean’t heels, not ankles. lol

  6. Marie says:

    How is this going?

    My left ankle is really really tight from running and its taking time to try and get it loosened…but my goal long term would be to do a proper squat!

    • Hi Marie.

      My 30-day trial is going great.

      Although I stopped seeing flexibility increases after day 10 or so, overall it was a success, and my squats are improved a lot.

      After the trial I imagine I will do a weighted squat after every long run, but probably not every day.

      It’s also made me realize that the next tight area I need to work on is my hips, which are also affected by running.

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