Are Raw Foodists Diet-Obsessed And Mentally Deranged? Are We Orthorexic?

Readers of periodically tell me that I must be diet obsessed to be on such a restricted food regime. More recently, the announcement that I’d be fasting for the better part of a month netted me around 40 emails, many from people concerned that my “obsession,” with health had driven me off the deep end.

Some used the term “orthorexic” to describe me, and urged me to seek help.

Is there any merit to their concerns? Might someone be so preoccupied with achieving health and vitality that they end up hurting themselves?

In Episode 16 of the raw food health podcast I talk about whether or not being a raw foodist makes you mentally unhinged, obsessive, and orthorexic.

Other Topics:

1) Using celery as a salad dressing base.
2) The outcome of my 30-day squat trial.
3) My bodyweight and acro progression.

Show Notes:

1) How to eliminate migraine headaches on a raw diet.

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5 Responses to “Are Raw Foodists Diet-Obsessed And Mentally Deranged? Are We Orthorexic?”

  1. Paul Palmer says:

    An honest constructive reply to the critics. I am sure some criticism comes from a genuine concern. As a successful raw vegan, though, you become a target. According some, the raw vegan diet is the most dangerous to health. This doesn’t match with their expectations, especially since they, in some case, tried it and developed problems. Now they feel their own reality threatened by contrary information. For their comfort that information must be made wrong. It amazes me that seeking good health should be considered a mental disorder.
    Personally, I think you are an informed consumer/buyer. When fasting, watch for persistent low back pain. It’s a sign of danger to the kidneys.

  2. Marina says:

    Hahaha! These comments are so funny! It is really amazing, I run a website on low fat raw foods in Serbia and I also get similar comments: some people love my work and for some I am absolutely “loco”! 😀

    People, please. read Shelton’s books on fasting before you judge! :) U might actually want to fats yourself! Why not do fasting? Fast is a need of a body just like hunger. It is ridiculous how people judge someone for fasting and rarely judge someone for overeating.

    Andrew, just an idea… When someone asks me “Why do u eat healthy?” I say:”Healthy? U think I eat healthy? Wow, thanks, haven’t noticed. I like fruits and greens – these are simply my food, the food I enjoy. Nothing special about it… Besides, I just do not enjoy eating sick food. What about u?” 😉

  3. Marina says:

    * U might actually want to FAST (not fats – sorry) yourself!

  4. sarah high says:

    Love your Podcast!!! You have a superb voice, as well. What is acro, by the way?

  5. Hi Sarah.

    Thanks very much.

    Acro is a kind of partnered quasi yoga which involves a base partner and a flying partner.

    You can see an example here:

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