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Complete Table Of Contents For Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Here is the table of contents for the 316 page print version (all versions have the same content, but vary in page count due to various layouts). Chapters and important sections are listed in bold with their page number given. Subsections are listed underneath.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • How To Use This Book
  • Andrew’s Story
  • Like Nothing You’ve Tried Before
  • Is This A Binge Diet?
  • Is This Like Other Raw Food Diets?

Chapter 1 – A Healthy Raw Food Diet…25

  • Fruits And Vegetables As Staples: How Did We Forget?
  • Fruit: An Ideal Food For Weight Loss And Vibrant Living
  • Eating More Vegetables
  • What Types Of Vegetables To Eat, And How Much
  • Fat Intake
  • Overt Fats
  • What About Nuts And Seeds?
  • How About A Diet With No Overt Fat?
  • How Much Can You Cheat, And Why I’m Not A Raw Food Policeman

Chapter 2 – The Benefits Of A Raw Diet…38

  • Ending Chronic Nutrient Deficiency
  • Proper Hydration: A New Feeling

Chapter 3 – Why Other Foods Don’t Work…50

  • A Ratio With A Successful Track Record
  • Arriving At The Right Ratio
  • Why Some Types Of Calories Make You Sick And Fat While Others Let You Flourish
  • Where A Food Gets Its Calories
  • The Weight Gain Considerations Of Eating A High-Fat Diet
  • What Is The 80/10/10 Diet?
  • Are Some Foods Better Than Others?
  • What’s So Bad About Cooking?
  • MEAT
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Grains And Staple Foods
  • The Myth Of Moderation

Chapter 4 – What Healthy Eating Looks Like… 90

  • Fruit Monomeals
  • But How Do You Actually Eat?
  • The Stomach Capacity Question
  • The Creaky Calorie Chugs Along
  • Estimating Calorie Needs
  • Can You Eat Too Much?
  • Getting Yourself Stable

Chapter 5 – Weight Loss…100

  • The Myth Of Quick Dieting Success
  • Reaching Your Ideal Weight
  • Losing Fat: The Real Challenge
  • Dread Of The Scale And Why Pounds Don’t Matter
  • Embracing The Right Kind Of Scale
  • The Skinny Raw Foodist
  • What Is A Healthy Body Fat Level?
  • Why Exercise Isn’t The Key
  • Hunger And The Burnt Calorie Discrepancy
  • The Old Standby: Caloric Restriction
  • Implementing A Sustainable Caloric Deficit
  • Winging It
  • Counting Calories?
  • For Quicker Weight Loss
  • Setting A Weight Loss Goal
  • Jury-Rigging The Calculators And Aiming For Accuracy
  • Stabilizing Your Weight

Chapter 6 – What To Do When You Can’t Lose Weight…118

  • Warring Against Me
  • Working With What I’ve got
  • Strategy One: The Low-Calorie Fruit Model
  • Strategy Two: Nothing Before Lunch
  • Strategy Three: Attack On Both Fronts

Chapter 7 -The Mental Side Of Weight Loss And Healthy Living…128

  • Waking Up In An Overweight Body
  • Recurring Reminders Of The Right Path
  • Others Ways To Motivate Yourself
  • Burning Your Bridges Behind You
  • Bypassing Your Fickle Mind, And Please Don’t Take My Word For It

Chapter 8 – Raw Food Logistics…141

  • Can You Afford A Raw Food Diet?
  • Saving Money On Produce
  • The LFRV Staple Foods
  • The Art Of Managing And Ripening Your Fruit Supply
  • Be Smart: Don’t Eat Unripe Fruit
  • The Joy Of Eating Seasonally

Chapter 9 – Why We’re Fruit Eaters…155

  • Dietary Dogma From Our Past?
  • Taking Cues From Our Cousins
  • Out Of The Forest
  • A Fruit-Built Brain: Another Take On Evolution
  • But Didn’t We Thrive As Hunter Gatherers?
  • But What About the Remarkable Health Of Meat-Centered Tribes?
  • Settling Down To Agriculture
  • The State We’re In

Chapter 10 – Modern Man In The Jungle And the Greatness Of Wild And Cultivated Fruit…177 (Bonus Download)

The Way Forward…178


  • Craving Unhealthy Foods
  • The Urge For Salt And More On Cravings
  • Dizziness, Feeling Light-Headed,
  • And Eyes Going Dark Around The Edges
  • You Don’t Enjoy Salads Without A Good Dressing
  • Having Trouble Going/Staying Raw?


Raw Food Weight Loss Success Stories… 191

  • Tarah
  • Mary
  • Teri
  • Richard
  • Robert


  • Nectarine-Banana-Blueberry Salad
  • Mexicali Salad
  • Green Date Smoothie
  • Strawberry-Pecan Salad
  • Gazpacho
  • Papaya-Banana Smoothie
  • Tomato-Tangerine Soup
  • Collard Green Wraps And (Optional) Dipping Sauce
  • Tangelo Salad
  • Beet-Celery-Tomato Salad Dressing
  • Mediterranean Vegetable Medley
  • The Green Kiwi Smoothie
  • Persimmon-Banana-Date Pie

Sample Menus…214

Andrew’s Q&A…219

Suggested Reading/Listening List…223


  • The Problem With Salt
  • How Vitamin Pills Can Kill You
  • Are There Exceptions To the No Supplement Rule?
  • In Defense Of Hybridized Fruit
  • The Amazing 30-Day Trial
  • The Cause Of High Blood Sugar
  • Should You Be Worried About DHA?
  • The B12 Question
  • How To Spot A Snake Oil Salesman
  • Will Fruit Sugar Rot My Teeth?
  • Exercise And Strength On A Raw Food Diet
  • Can You Be An Athletic Success Without Meat, Dairy, Eggs, and other High-Protein Foods?
  • But Don’t I Need More Protein?
  • Can You Be Allergic Or Have Bad Reactions To Some Raw Foods?
  • Starve Yourself To Live Longer And Be Thin?
  • Is This Diet Environmentally Friendly?
  • Do I Have to Eat Organic?
  • But Isn’t Lots Of Sugar Bad For Us?
  • What About Paleolithic Diets?
  • But What About Omega-3, Omega-6, and Essential Fatty Acids?
  • But What If I’m Genetically Predestined To Be Fat And Diseased?
  • The Slow Decline Of Meat, Dairy, and Eggs
  • Will Raw Food Diets Ever Go Mainstream?
  • Learning To Spot BS: A Time Consuming Process
  • Why Doesn’t My Doctor Tell Me How To Fix My Health Through Diet?
  • Why You Might Need To Eat More

The Calorie Chart…298

About The Author…301



Andrew’s Review Of “So You Want To Move To Costa Rica?”

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I’ve been traveling around Southeast Asia for a bit under two years now, and I’m about to head back to North America to spend some time visiting family and friends.

Although it’s not in my immediate plans, I’ve always been interested in checking out South America, particularly Costa Rica, which has a reputation for beauty and great fruit.

I saw that fruit lover Frederick Patenaude recently put out a book about his experience periodically living in the country. If you’re an ardent pursuer of health like I am, you know that there are certain questions you want the answers to that most travel writers just don’t cover because they don’t think the same way you do. I was hoping Fred would break the mold, and decided to check out the book.

You can check out my review of So You Want To Move To Costa Rica Here.


New Year’s Holiday Sale

Friday, December 31st, 2010

You’ve got a new year in front of you – what will you make of it?

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Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces

Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces is all about how great truly healthy food can taste without any of the added junk that ruins most salad toppings. Whether you’re looking for an amazing Italian-style sauce to go on top of zucchini noodles, or something sweet and satisfying for your salad, this book has got it. Besides giving you best recipes I’ve created, it also teaches you how to make your own from scratch using ingredients you have on hand or can get at any supermarket.

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The Raw Food Lifestyle

If you think that food is the only thing keeping you down, think again. Although raw foods are a major topic in this book, the focus is on lifestyle – those elements outside the stomach which so radically undermine most people’s health.

Getting enough sun exposure, dealing with social issues, sleep, and thriving mentally are all covered in detail. Ever feel depressed or in a mental funk? There’s a pretty straightforward way to escape, which this book covers.

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