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How I Planted 271 Fruit Trees Without Picking Up A Shovel

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Apple Tree

The Fruit Of Your Labor

What are you doing to make the world a more fruit filled, healthier, better place to live for yourself and the rest of the the creatures on it? It’s probably not as hard as you think.

I try to think about my actions and how they send out little shockwaves that make the world better or worse. Some things I do certainly make it a bit worse, but I always try to have the disproportionate amount of my actions add to the good.

A new high of 31,000 unique visitors arrived at last month. I don’t fool myself – 99% + are not ready to make the jump to become 100% raw foodists. But I look at my accomplishments in terms of economics. (more)

Every time you buy anything, including fruit, a small economic shockwave goes out that says, “MORE”. Realistically, one person isn’t going to change the market, but when you get thousands of people doing one little thing, the result can change the way the world works. If I can convince 31,000 people to eat three more pieces of fruit a day, that’s 93,000 fruits. A mature apple tree produces 2,520 medium apples a year, so that means that in a single month I would be responsible for having the equivalent of 36 apples trees planted.

So lets just say that this is not going to happen and that at best I’ll convince only 10,000 of those people to eat 3 more pieces of fruit a day. But if I did that every month over the course of the next year (and my site visitors increase every month, so that’s an understatement) that’s still 142 apple trees planted because of my efforts.

That means cleaner air, less water runoff, better soil, more fruit selection, and more healthy people.

Assuming that they’re eating fruit instead of junk food or meat, that might mean a few less acres of rainforest felled for cattle plantations in Brazil or a few less acres of GMO corn in South Africa.

Because you get more calories per acre out of a fruit orchard than you do out of grain fields, vegetable fields, or livestock grazing operations, more land is freed up to revert to rainforests.

It’s a push that I’m only going to intensify. By this time next year I want to have 62,000 visitors a month coming to my site.

By that time I’ll have my new print book, “Raw Food Weight Loss and Vitality,” ready to win them over.

As continues to grow year after year, it becomes more and more likely that what I’m suggesting here is the case. Eventually, even if my conversion rate is just 1-3 percent, I’ll be making some pretty massive changes in the world.

Now, lets forget about the non raw foodist. By my best count, I’m directly or tangentially responsible for creating 39 100% raw foodists (these are the guys who have contacted me to tell me) due to the free articles at and my coaching program.

Using apples as an example again, and assuming that these people need a pretty average 2,500 calories a day, that would mean that these 39 people eat the equivalent of 684,375 apples that wouldn’t be otherwise consumed, and another 271 apples trees growing in the ground.

But forget about starting a website or reaching people through a mass medium. I can’t tell you how many people have complimented me on my fitness level or yoga abilities, much of which wouldn’t be around without my diet. When I was a newspaper reporter, the chronically sick, overworked staff would periodically comment that I just never seemed to get ill. Usually I end up telling people about my raw food ways, and a small seed gets planted. Even if they decide to eat a few more pieces of fruit as a result, I’m making an impact.

This is something everyone can do. Get yourself healthy enough to inspire people. When they ask about what you do, let them know with a smile on your face. If they have questions, send them to a free article at or have them post a question at 30 banananas a day.

Just get them started, and you might be surprised where they’ll end up.

Plant some seeds. They may turn into fruit trees.