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The Only Three GMO Raw Foods You Need To Worry About, And Natural Shampoos

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Genetically Modified Sweet Corn

With more than three quarters of the foods available for purchase at your local supermarket now containing genetically modified organisms, what does a raw foodist have worry about?

In episode 20 of the Raw Food Health Podcast I talk about the three fruits and vegetables that are now GMO which a healthy raw foodist would eat. I also discuss how to identify and protect yourself from GMOs.

I also discuss my efforts to find a way to escape the oil-stripping, lubricant reapplying paradigm of hair cleaning, the “no poo method,” and the two products I’ve found success with.

Show Notes:

The best raw food kitchen appliances and gadgets.

My GMO raw food article.

Hugo Natural’s Volumizing Shampoo

J.R Liggett’s Shampoo

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