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The Olive Oil Conspiracy: Why Raw Food Diets Don’t Work With Oil

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Oh, the glory of Mediterranean diets! Drown everything in Olive Oil and it becomes ten times better, we are assured.

Although you’ll hear plenty of people endorse high-oil Mediterranean-style diets as great ways to lose weight and avoid heart attacks, cancer, and other diseases, there’s really very little data supporting the health claims.

The fact is that today, people who follow these high-oil diets in the lands washed by the Mediterranean sea are getting fatter and sicker all the time. If they were once healthy, it is despite their olive oil consumption, not because of it.

To learn what’s going on here, and the real value of the olive oil raw foodists like to guzzle, check out this new article.

Also, Neil wants to know if chives and shallots are a good idea when you’re raw. I tell him here.


Will Fresh Olives Really Ripen Without Salt, Fermentation, Or Other Processing?

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Is it possible that fresh olives, long considered edible only after they’ve been cured with salt, fermentation, or others processes that leave them inedible for the health-conscious, could be left to ripen on their own?

My new friend Thierry says that’s exactly what he does on his permaculture property in the south of France.

Watch my video interview with him and read my notes here.