Do Tomatoes Cause Inflammation And Arthritis?


Do Tomatoes Cause Inflammation And Arthritis?

Many people swear that when they eat tomatoes they get arthritis and other inflammation-based problems.

And yet there are millions of people who consume them and other nightshade vegetables daily while feeling just fine.

So is the majority of the population just oblivious? Are we talking a very limited sensitivity or a sort of allergy?

In this video I tell you what I think.

Read more about the science behind nightshade vegetables and their possible downsides.

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2 Responses to “Do Tomatoes Cause Inflammation And Arthritis?”

  1. Carol says:

    I am 68 years old and have had serious osteoarthritis since I was in my 30s due to a club foot. I never could relate any problems with potatoes or tomatoes. Before I started 80/10/10 I was overweight and barely able to walk due to the osteoarthritis. Since losing weight on 80/10/10, I can stride and walk most of the day. My osteoarthritis has appeared to disappear. I had tomatoes yesterday with no ill effects.

    I took a medical assistant course and the instructor said that in healing, the body first enlarges the cells (i.e., inflammation) in order to make room for clearing out debris and importing needed elements. I asked her why the medical profession uses anti-inflammatories. She said “there is too much inflammation!” Just another evidence of we thinking we know more than nature. Although the drug-pushing orthopedists pushed every anti-inflammatory as they could, I ignored taking them. I figured the inflamed joint needed rest, not meds, and I figured I would use the pain as my body’s way of telling me to get off the painful joint and rest it. Other than having no cartilage in any of my previously painful joints, there is no surface damage. The rounds are round and smooth as they are in normal joints. I attribute this to my careful management of my diseased condition. Now I have no diseased condition as I no longer have pain or inflammation in the formerly affected joints of hips, knees, and ankles and I continue on 80/10/10 except for my addiction to cooked beans! I still miss salt so much so I add a bit of salt to them. Texas gets pretty hot as you probably know by now Andrew! Don’t forget to visit Aquarena Springs in San Marcos!

  2. That’s great Carol.

    Congrats on your amazing recovery.

    It sounds like you’ve figured out that the body is usually doing the best it can under the conditions we put it in. Trying to thwart our body’s reactions with drugs only gets in the way, although it can temporarily make us feel better.

    I just visited Deep Eddie in Austin, a spring fed pool. Beautiful!

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