Getting A Great Strength Workout On A Playground

Clutch Hold

Don’t feel like going to the gym? Tired of all those weight machines? All you need is a good playground.

In a recent email to readers of the Raw Food Health Journal I mentioned that since moving to Austin, Texas a few weeks back I haven’t been to the gym, and yet I’m still improving my strength.

How do I do it without barbells and other weights? I simply to play on the playground. My play is a bit more focused, but not so very different than what kids do.

If you have gravity, your own body weight, and something to hang from, you can make yourself very strong indeed.

In this video I show you just a few of the effective things you can do on a playground to build strength.

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4 Responses to “Getting A Great Strength Workout On A Playground”

  1. Marina says:

    Great! Thanks for the inspiration. I actually excersice at the nearby football playground:

    Never understood why would someone wanna go to a stinck jym.

  2. Itsy says:

    Good video!..I never thought it was a good idea to pay all kinds of $$ to be in a dirty, loud, sweaty, place to do things that are not fun at all!…The playground is the perfect resource for fun & fitness!
    The air is much cleaner..usually…& It’s FREE!!!
    You are inspiring!

  3. Amei says:

    Cool! I love this! You don’t need any money–just yourself and then open playground! Sweet! Thank you for showing in detail some of the possible exercises we can do! I hate being in the stupid gym, where they have that stupid air conditioner that I sometimes hate, those dumb TV’s and loud music, and all of those people who are in the zone and often times will not even acknowledge your presence as you getbon the machine next to them. Again, really cool! :)

  4. Grace says:

    Andrew, thank you so much for the video! I learned some things I could do while watching my children play. My son also loved your video and will try some of the moves. It is interesting to see other ways to exercise without going to the gym. We have a gym membership but I would rather workout at home and save the drive time. Again, thank you for the video. If you ever get a chance to do more videos on how to work out without belonging to a gym, I would love to see them!!!!

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