How Chris Lost 140 Pounds Following The Advice in, “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality”

UPDATE: Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality Is Now Available

I’ve told you how I’ve lost almost 60 pounds by eating a low fat raw vegan diet, but will these same principles work for others?

Chris Randal is the ultimate case study for the ideas I set out in my new book, “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality,” which will be released April 16th.

Weighing in at over 320 pounds, he adopted a healthy raw diet and watched the pounds fly off. Today he’s down 140 pounds, and looks like a new person.

Hear what Chris eats, how he likes his new diet, and how you can have the same kind of success in this video, the third in a series exploring the concepts discussed in “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality.”

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4 Responses to “How Chris Lost 140 Pounds Following The Advice in, “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality””

  1. Megan Batts says:

    I am depressed, fat, and unhealthy. It’s not how I want to live. I want to be healthy, energetic, and happy. This Raw Food lifestyle is what I need to acheive that. Even if I don’t win a free copy I still have to buy the book. I have to do this for my daughter, my husband, and most of all myself. Thanks for all I have learned already.

  2. Annick Forgues says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. It’s very inspiring. How long does it take to feel so good that you never want to go back to the old stuff? Thank you

  3. Jo Burridge says:

    Hi, I have started eating more raw food and have noticed I do feel better and my blood test results are much better but I need to take it to the next level and have hit a wall as I am not sure about the nutrients I need. There is so much conflicting information out there and would love to have a definitive guide. x

  4. Carol Richane says:

    I am going through the process now. I started back in August 2011, and made the early mistakes and kept going and learning every single day. My story will probably be similar to Freelee’s story. I am already enjoying wonderful vitality, clear skin, young looking complexion and I am 46 and I do not think I look it at all. I feel 21. I don’t wake up with aches and pains, I sleep soundly. I even wake up early and feel ready to take off. I’ve even had nights where I woke up at 4am and was thinking about going for a bike ride just before dawn. I never behaved like this before and it has changed my whole family for the better. I love mangos, dates and bananas as a staple, and I also enjoy pineapples, strawberries and kiwi. My kids love it too, especially strawberries and kiwi. My eight year old loves watermelon and she knows it makes her feel good. She has mild autism and eating a fruit based diet has helped her a lot. She seems much happier, less prone to negativity and meltdowns. She is doing well in school. I recommend to those getting started to have a Costco membership if they don’t have access to a produce market. Costco helps make this lifestyle more affordable. I don’t think its made our grocery bill any higher. I think we save money because we don’t have to buy anything else like meats, dairy and eggs. I load up the cart with fruits and greens and we’re all set. We drink water or fruit slushes in the Vita-mix. Everyday I look forward to my fruit meals. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when Publix had a sale on mangos and pineapples so I stocked up. Find a fruit you love and go for it. Mangos seem to work well and are beefy enough to satisfy. Dates satisfy a sweet tooth. Candy and junk food has no appeal anymore. Cravings are gone. All I crave now is mangos, dates, greens and vegetables.

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