How Mike Vlasaty Got Jacked On Fruits And Veggies.

Mike Vlasaty

Mike Vlasaty

We know raw foodists excel at endurance sports, but what about about strength training?

When Mike Vlasaty went raw, he decided to concentrate on weight lifting and bodyweight exercises to see if he could really get strong and gain a lot of muscle while eating a raw vegan diet.

In the Raw Food Health Podcast Episode 25 we talk to Mike about how that experiment worked out, what he eats, if he’s concerned about protein, and many other topics.

I also talk about whether or not a healthy low fat raw vegan diet is appropriate for everyone.

Show Notes

1) Mike’s Fruit And Strength Youtube Page.
2) What Ants Can Teach You About Health/Systems Theory
3) AGE formation And fructose

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2 Responses to “How Mike Vlasaty Got Jacked On Fruits And Veggies.”

  1. Marina says:

    Yap, yap, yap! 😀 Great, great, great!

    By the way, picture this: I am rollerskating, listening your podcast, minding my own business… some guy is walking down the street in my direction and suddenly I go “Wow!” and smile… the guy looks at me like “What?” Well, it was when u read my comment. Haha!

    Mike Vlasaty and Andrew – great info, great inspiration – thank you both!

  2. MIKE is an inspiration to me on the weight lifting side! LOVE his energy.

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