Last Chance To Win A Free Copy of “Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces”

You’ve got less than a week left to submit your favorite raw food recipe for a chance to win one of three free copies of my upcoming ebook, “Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces”.

I will stop accepting entries on Sunday, October 17 at 12 a.m.

What Is “Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces”?

Sometimes, tomatoes and cucumbers just won’t cut it. You need something with some pizazz to spice up your salad, but traditional processed dressings are full of fat, salt, and unneeded calories.

In the “Savory Raw Dressing and Sauces” ebook, you’ll learn how to make delicious and healthy toppings for your salads.

Besides teaching you how to creatively come up with your own recipes using what you have on hand, The ebook features my favorite eight low-fat dressing and sauce recipes with photos of the finished products and a calorie information for each. I also include information on why traditional oil, vinegar, and salt-based dressings are harmful.

The Contest

I’ve received a number of entries so far, and while most of them are great, some did not meet the requirements. If you did not include a picture of your recipe or inserted an ingredient listed as unacceptable, feel free to resubmit with the corrections. I will select my three favorite submissions and award the prizes to their authors soon after the end of the contest.

How To Win

Head to this page and submit your favorite healthy raw recipe (any type recipe is fine). The submissions will all be available free to visitors of the site after the contest is over.

What the recipes must contain:

1) A coherently written set of directions and an ingredient list.
2) At least one photo of the finished product.
3) You must include your full name and email address if you want to be considered for the prizes.

What the recipes must not contain:

1) Animals products of any kind.
2) Any cooked ingredients
3) Salt, pepper, honey, agave, garlic, cacao (the fruit is fine, but not the seed), chocolate, grains, nutritional yeast, oil, nama shoyu/tamari, seaweed and/or other “sea vegetables”, vinegar, sauerkraut, or any other fermented food.


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