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Body Sculpting On A Raw Food Diet

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Beyond fat loss and fat gain, are you happy with the figure that looks back at you from the mirror?

Is it scrawny or gangly? Would you rather that it had the strength to lift heavier things and propel you through the world?

In episode 14 of the Raw Food Health Podcast I help Marina Grubic get a handle on her recent body fat and muscle mass reading, and suggest ways that she can sculpt her body to get the figure that she wants.

I also talk about the limitations of body sculpting, and just how effective you can be in changing how you look.

Other Topics:

1) Andrew’s raw thanksgiving.

Show Notes:

1) Avoiding cramps, gas, and stomach aches when mixing fruits and vegetables.
2) Andrew’s squat stretch 30-day trial.



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