Three People Who Want To Change Their Life With Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality

A few weeks ago I asked readers to submit their stories and tell me why they thought my newly released book, Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality, would help them lose weight, overcome an illness, or otherwise improve their life.

The prizes were supposed to be copies of the ebook version of my book for the two entrants with the most impressive stories.

I have to say, I never imaged awarding these prizes would be so hard. Of the 84 valid entries I received, many were gripping.

After a lot of thought, I’ve given out not two prizes, but three, simply because I couldn’t decide who I should eliminate out of my three top choices.

The winners are a man and two women  I think will really go far with the information in Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality, simply because they’re committed to making change in their life or are really desperate.

As I explain in Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality, I know from long experience working with clients that it’s the ones who’ve decided what’s important to them, above all else, or those who are really in trouble, that are most likely to succeed.

Jenny Wickham’s need is obvious: she’s battling for her life, and getting on a progressive raw food diet may be what saves her in the end. Nothing is more motivating than when you’re battling for a chance to draw breath tomorrow.

Mike Stroud’s story is a bit different. He knows he’s been blessed because despite eating poorly his whole life, his health hasn’t worsened markedly.

But all he needs to do is take a look around him at the declining health of his wife, children, and grandchildren to see exactly what a SAD diet does to the human body.

So often people try to cajole those around them into improving their diets while they keep up the status quo. This rarely works.

It’s a smart man that realizes few things are more likely to raise the aspirations of those around him than his own personal example of excellence and success.

As Mike says: have to be the change you want to see in the world, and I want to be the change that will transform our entire family to be healthy in the years ahead, while knowing that our family is doing its best for the planet.

Finally we’ve got Stephani Spitzer, who is obese, suffering from Crohns, bothered by social anxiety, and anxious to rejoin the lives of her children. Although I don’t know Stephani, it sounds like she’s pretty much got her back to the wall.

I don’t know whether she feels the desperation of her situation enough that she’ll break from her past and chart a new course toward health, but entering this contest was certainly a good first step, and the information found in Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality could be the spark that gets her on a new path.

Below you’ll find the entries of the three winners.

I will be contacting the winners shortly.

But I would ask you, what’s important to you in life? Are you ready to make a change?

If you are, consider a copy of Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality.


Jenny Wickham: Fighting Breast Cancer


I would love to win a copy of your new book for two very important reasons.

I have been raw now for 4 months due to my fight.

I was diagnosed with local advanced triple negative inflammatory breast cancer with secondary in the auxiliary lymph nodes back in late 2009 at 39 years of age. I was railroaded into a full Mastectomy, chemo, and radiation as here in Australia there isn’t much knowledge on other treatments and they acted so quick I didn’t have time to think.

Well since then I have learned so much about nutrition and the mistake I made by having this treatment. So my fight is now forever to eat raw and release all the acidic cells and get my body to an alkaline state to not allow cancer to want to grow and metastise through damaged cells.

And by keeping my weight down less chance of acidic cell build up.

Also my poor husband has been diagnosed with bipolar and I’m just getting him started on eating raw, but it’s hard on us both as he has no job due to his condition decline and knowing the best ways to make this affordable would be a godsend as we are also supporting 2 young children.

I will fight to regain all our health through this amazing raw lifestyle, but a book with helpful advice like you are offering would definitely help us step it up.

Thank you for this opportunity

Mike Stroud: Inspiring Family


Hello Andrew. I’ve been reading the responses to your contest, and all I can say is, good luck choosing winners! Here’s how I think a healthy raw food diet will change my life for the better.

I’m 42, married, with three adult children, four young grandsons, and with a fifth grandchild on the way. I’ve been transitioning to a high-carb low fat raw vegan lifestyle since January of this year, though not for the same reasons as some.

My whole life I’ve eaten a meat-based, fast food, fried food diet, high in everything bad, with relatively little in the way of fruit and veggie intake. Despite that, I’ve been very healthy and energetic, which I know is very fortunate. My decision to become vegan this year is simply that I’ve decided it is best for personal health and for the planet.

My burning reason to live this way is to model a way of health for my family. Almost everyone in my family has significant health problems: my wife, all three children, and two of my little grandsons. As my oldest daughter says, you have to be the change you want to see in the world, and I want to be the change that will transform our entire family to be healthy in the years ahead, while knowing that our family is doing its best for the planet.

It would be wonderful to read your new book!


Stephani Spitzer: Losing Weight And Reentering The World

I’m morbidly obese and I’ve tried to lose weight countless numbers of times over the years – I’ll be 40 years-old in September. Also, I suffer from Crohn’s disease, and I’m completely debilitated by social anxiety disorder… to the point I can no longer leave my home.

I really think the book would help me rebuild my life, and become a healthy, happy person, again. My two daughters would be thrilled to have their mom back, and I would be thrilled to be back.

Thank you for your consideration!


Get a copy of Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality here.


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  1. Stephani Spitzer says:

    Thank you so much!! I’m so surprised and just delighted to have won, and, I consider it an enormous gift/blessing which couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’ve also recently been diagnosed with an enlarged heart in addition to the other issues.

    I have 100 percent faith that these problems can be rectified, however, and I do absolutely intend to commit myself fully, and hold on for the miracles.

    Again, thank you truly for this.


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