Why Vegans Have Weak Bones

The dominant narrative in nutrition is that osteoporosis is mostly created by too much consumption of acidic meat, dairy, and eggs. There’s data to support this idea, such as the excretion of calcium in the urine following animal-protein-rich meals, and the fact that the countries with the highest dairy consumption have the highest risk of hip fractures.

But if eating animal foods weakens your bones, why do vegans often experience more bone fractures than omnivores?

In episode 22 of the Raw Food Health Podcast we talk about why studies are finding higher fracture rates in vegans, the cause, and what you can do to ensure your bones stay healthy for life.

Also in this episode

1) Update on Andrew’s strength training and fasting recovery.
2) The need for physical exercise
3) Do Carmelita bananas really taste better?

Show Notes:

1) The three causes of raw food diet insomnia.

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5 Responses to “Why Vegans Have Weak Bones”

  1. Paul Palmer says:

    Thanks for objectively dealing with a valid criticism of the vegan diet. There’s very useful information here. I recall reading that raw vegan David Klein was headed for osteoporosis. He started to eat more greens and added sea vegetables and in this way restored his bone density. I might add that he gets plenty of sun where he lives.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for your podcasts. I always enjoy them and learn something.

  3. Susan Walker says:

    Excellent podcast on bone health! Thank you for the extensive research and wonderful presentation.

  4. reina says:

    Well if you are not the kindest, most knowledgeable raw foodie without a commercial attached to your work….Thank you for the timeliness of this bone info. Your help means a lot to this raw foodie.

  5. JOE says:

    love your audios…but…would love them even more if they were straight too the punch like only 7-10 minutes long,you no kids school ect.

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