Why You Should Eat Chemically-Sprayed Produce


Have you felt guilt over not choosing organic?

Have they told you that you’re hurting your kids and damning yourself to cancer and other diseases?

I eat more fruits and vegetables than almost anyone due to my raw food diet, but I can’t say I lose sleep over eating conventionally-grown foods.

How can that be? Aren’t those chemicals toxic?

In this video I explore whether  food that’s sprayed with tons of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides are really as dangerous as they say.

Do they cause cancer and other diseases?

Should we all be buying organic instead?

Check out my video below to find out.

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9 Responses to “Why You Should Eat Chemically-Sprayed Produce”

  1. Marina says:

    All that research is nice and I would eat toxic cheaper produce if I didn’t get severe allergic reaction to pesticides. But for now I stick with organic and hope that if more people support organic farming, eventually all our food becomes organic just like it’s suppose to be.

  2. Laurie says:

    Thanks, Andrew. I sure can’t afford organic produce, and this eases my mind. What think you of fruit and veggie washes? I use those, but make sure to rinse very well afterward.

  3. Hi Laurie.

    If a chemical stayed on the fruit through the degradation of rains, harvesting, transport, and time, a wash won’t do much to get it off.

    But the point is moot, because whatever is on there is unlikely to harm you.

    One thing you could do is peel off the outer leaves of a head of lettuce, etc, to remove the likely accumulation points, but again, I’m not really convinced this is necessary.

  4. Laurie says:

    Got ya! TYVM 😀

  5. ivonne says:

    dr. oz knows what he talks he wants to help people and he says that our apples for example have 4 different kind of pesticides, you are going to tell me they are all safe?

  6. Paul Palmer says:

    Good video. It’s somewhat reassuring and I tend to agree. I prefer organic because I choose, with my wallet not to support irradiation and GMO’s and those companies that support these. Whether it’s organic or non-organic for me depends on accessibility, affordability, and quality. For example, organic celery is usually stunted and bitter. With non-organic I usually avoid imported fruit though I am fond of mangoes, which are imported. Feeding low on the food chain has its advantages. If I had to choose between eating non-organic fruits and vegetables or just organic rice and beans I would choose the former.

  7. Carol Grosser says:

    Andrew, what about build-up of pesticide in the soil and all that going into the ground water? Most of us drink ground water, either in rural areas with our own systems or in the metro areas. What about the farm workers. My father died from prostate cancer after he sprayed an invasive weed in his pasture.

    Nature is a balanced system and self-corrects. Plants eaten by pests usually have a mineral deficiency. Healthy plants can withstand insect invasions.

    • Christopher Paulin says:

      I agree with Carol Grosser about the poisoning of the land, the water, and the farmers. Raw food vegan Dr. Douglas Graham says that a poison is a poison, regardless of the dose. I agree that plants that are nutritionally deficient are eaten by the clean-up crew, which are insects and microorganisms, and healthy plants can withstand infections, just like low-fat raw vegans withstand sickness. It’s Antoine Béchamp who said in the 1800s that the environment is the primary cause of sickness, and the germ is secondary. I got hives, a skin rash on my whole body, from eating locally produced pesticide pears. My skin felt like it was burning. I soaked myself in the bathtub, and that dilution got rid of the poison. I felt better. After that, I went back to 100% organic fruits and greens. Also, I do not want to support the chemical industry. Right now, the EPA is reviewing Dow’s proposed new use of 2,4-D to go along with the corporation’s genetically engineered (GE) corn and soybeans in the pipeline. 2,4-D was one of the ingredients in Agent Orange, the herbicide widely used during the Vietnam war. My trust in the government is very low because of the revolving door of people who work in industry, then in government, then in industry, then in government, etc. Organic is also not supposed to be genetically engineered. I hate genetically engineering because of the organ damage in animals from independent studies. The corporations hide behind no labeling of genetically engineered foods and pretend that everything is OK. So, I suggest to buy organic whenever possible and vote with your money. Knowing your organic farmer is even better.

  8. Carol Grosser says:

    Oh, and healthy fruits and vegetables means healthy fruitarians.

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