Win A Free Copy Of Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality

“Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” will be released on April 16, but you’ve got a chance to win a free copy

I’m holding a contest and giving away two free copies of the ebook version (PDF, Epub, mobi, and the other major e-reader formats are included).

What is “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” all about? In short, it contains everything I wish I knew when I began my raw food journey in 2005. I’ve learned a lot through personal experience, mind-numbing failure, and research over the years, and I hope that experience can save others a lot of mistakes and worry.

The book covers quite a range of topics. Here are the major ones:

  • Why you should be eating a healthy raw food diet.
  • A list of the benefits you’re likely to see.
  • What exactly to eat, and how much.
  • How to lose weight
  • What to do if the normal weight-loss suggestions don’t work.
  • How to save loads of money shopping for your raw food diet, and tips for getting free food. What foods are the most economical, etc.
  • How to store and ripen produce.
  • An overview of our evolution and how it’s left us primed to eat raw fruits and vegetables.
  • An extensive appendix where I answer the many questions raw foodists ask me.

To see a complete table of contents, go here.

Win A Free Copy

The book will be released on Tuesday the 16th of April, and I’ll be announcing the winners that morning.

What do you have to do to enter the contest? It’s very simple


1) Sign up for my mailing list so you know if you win.

2) I’d like to give the copies away to people who are going to get a lot of benefit out of them. So to win, you simply go to the comments sections below this blog post and answer the following question:

 “How do you think “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” and the adoption of a healthy raw food diet will change your life for the better? (If you’re already on a raw diet, tell us how you hope to take it to the next level.)

The more detail you give, the better your chances. You must use your full name (your real one). You should also type in an email address I can reach you at when you leave the comment (in the email field).

Good Luck!




89 Responses to “Win A Free Copy Of Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality”

  1. Stephani Spitzer says:

    I’m morbidly obese and I’ve tried to lose weight countless numbers of times over the years – I’ll be 40 years-old in September. Also, I suffer from Crohn’s disease, and I’m completely debilitated by social anxiety disorder… to the point I can no longer leave my home. I really think the book would help me rebuild my life, and become a healthy, happy person, again. My two daughters would be thrilled to have their mom back, and I would be thrilled to be back. Thank you for your consideration!

    • Suzanne says:

      Stephani – I am 71 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn’s in my 30’s. The doctor explained resectioning of my bowel – that was just last year. I chose to take care of myself with food instead. My Vitamix is so important to me. Every morning I make my green drink. It is so filling that you won’t want much after it. It’s a huge glass full. Today it was an organic pear, pineapple, banana, 3 different green leaves (spinach, dandelion, etc.) and some ice (4 cubes or so). Plus I put some almond milk in there but you can use just a little water. Always keep cut up frozen ripe bananas in the frig for this. Bananas help heal Crohn’s. Use all kinds of fruit. Oh I put 2 stalks of celery in there too. Later in the day you can have salads with all kinds of veggies in it. No fattening dressings. Just squeeze lemon or lime on them. You can also steam lots of veggies. Keep them firm – yesterday I had organic beets, sweet potato and bok choy all done together. Was delicious with just a little butter and Mrs. Dash. Those are just some suggestions. I have made changes gradually and don’t eat meat anymore. Meat can keep weight on and it’s hard for Crohn’s people to digest. Actually for anyone to digest. I do eat wild Alaskian salmon I buy at Sam’s and bake for 15 min at 350 degrees for 15 minutes with herbs and a bit of butter on it. Delicious. It’s all a learning experience and well worth it. I feel great !!! You will too. I’m sure you can do this. Suzy :) P.S. You can use another blender but may have to cut stuff up in littler pieces. Love my Vitamix because it cleans itself. Takes maybe less thaan 5 minutes to make drink and clean.

  2. Tera says:

    I believe this book will really help me achieve all my health goals. It will provide me with the knowledge I need to lost the excess weight, which I’ve been battling for a while, and speak to my friends and family about how healthy and vital this decision to go raw is.

  3. Christine says:

    I am struggling with the raw food lifestyle by continuing to hold onto several “old habits”. Being a nurse, I very much believe in “evidence based” practice. I feel that your book will help me to see this evidence of the benefits provided by an all raw lifestyle. I know that you personally have experienced the healing and vitality that the diet provides. I would love to dive deeper into the practice and learn from your experience, how I can free myself from these negative habits that are hindering my well being and keeping me from experiencing all of life as it was meant to be!

  4. Kristina says:

    I hope you win Stephani!

  5. Kristina esslinger says:

    Well this is my story; my name is Kristina and I’m 32 I have always tryed to make smarter decisions and what kind of foods I consume. I excercise ( sometimes) and I usually prepare all of my meals at home. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with celiac disease so which entails no premade meals unless I spend a fortune and specialty stores. It has been a struggle with my weight I can lose or gain 20 lbs in a matter of weeks, not to mention the mood swings that comes with that are unbearable not only for me but also my partner. I have noticed my energy can be great but only for half a day, if I push myself all day by 9pm I’m completely done, in bed and thats it for me. I didnt mention but I work from home and I have a 7 yr old and a partner. I notice that I have no energy at night to build my marriage cause when it’s are time alone I’m sleeping..
    Recently I had a miscarriage an was horrible experience now my Health and body are still going through side effects. My friend came to me and started talking about her health and now she is 100% raw , she mentioned that she has never felt better and her cancer has been in remission for 2 years( this is when she started to go raw) .
    So to answer how this book can help change my life , it’s pretty simple. ” I need to change my life “!!

  6. Donna Hearndon says:

    I think the book will help me because I have been looking for a raw food diet plan but havent been able to find anything online or in a book telling me exactly what to eat and how much. Even if I dont win this, I’m still going to buy it. I have at least 100 pds to lose and would LOVE to do it with raw foods instead of buying into all these weight lose programs or a diet pill or drink. My 25th wedding Anniversary is Nov. 13th this year and would love to lose a lot of this weight before then and I think I could do it with this book because it has a ton of great info just by looking at the titles. Raw foods is the way to go.

  7. Carol Brown says:

    simple. Life long health challenges. Doing better since adding green smoothies and salads but have’t had the will power to go 100%. This may just be the key to get me over the edge in the right direction.

  8. Megan Batts says:

    Starting a raw diet will not help me to lose weight and get healthy but will virtually eliminate all my food allergy struggles. I am allergic to dairy, soy, and many other things

  9. Bee says:

    Ive dealt with wt issues my whole life and have severe health issues on top of it (dysbiosis, CFS/FMS, anxiety, IBD/IBS, etc)..and Im in my 20s. We’ve spent thousands on medical bills and useless treatment protocols, only to make me sicker and more in debt. :-( I cant work because of it and my life feels totally stuck. I’ve been fruitarian for nearly 5m, but it’s still a major struggle everyday. This book would help me fine-tune this wonderful lifestyle, learn how to get proper nutrition, heal my health naturally, and become the happy, vibrant person I know is dying to come out and achieve the goals and dreams I’ve longed to achieve, but haven’t been able to because of my health. It’s my birthday today, and I never imagined my life could be this low. Winning this book would be a wonderful birthday surprise and would be the answer to many years worth of birthday wishes of health and happiness.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book…and my life back!

  10. tatiana says:


    I’ve been on macrobiotic diet for a while. My partner has been working overseas and put on a lot of weight as in the Middle East at remote farms in the dessert his access to healthy food and exercising was limited. He is back in Australia now and after a medical checkup it was found that he is 30 kg overweight. We have already started green smoothies programme and he feels that he has more energy. We both hope that this new book will provide us with many healthy options and help us become fit and healthy again.
    Thank you!

  11. Jay Knight says:

    I need to lose weight – I’m 282 lbs. I’ve failed every diet I’ve tried before because I simply can’t tolerate feeling hungry. Last year I tried a raw vegan diet for a fortnight. I lost 18 lbs! But my ignorance on how to have a healthy raw vegan lifestyle, let alone one in which I was trying to lose weight, eventually forced me back into my cooked vegan (and sometimes vegetarian :s) lifestyle. I want to make a permanent change to my life for my physical health but also for my emotional health: I have depression (have had for over a decade) and I’ve never had so much energy as when I went raw – it filled me with a positivity that the pills never have. I would love to have the tools I need to make this life change a reality.

  12. Andy Jackson says:

    Raw food is the most ama-ZING doctor and friend a person can have.
    But to understand and respect it’s healing power, a person has to be ready to grow and change on many levels and some times, to give up some conditioned ideas and learn to think for self.
    Physically, it changes and heals every part of your body for the better. So the more you sustitute raw instead of processed foods, the more results you will recieve.
    Mentally, your mind gets sharper and clearer over time, especially when coupled with some regular exercise [especially aerobic] .
    Spiritually, it aligns you with a clearer conscience and the ability to not be swayed by normal conditioning. This is because to actually stay on raw food your physical vibration lightens to a new natural high which ever religion or thought pattern you may follow.
    I have been vegan for 40 years and on raw for over three years in total. This has enabled and helped me as a marathon runner [35,000kms in 15 years] and l cycled around Australia [14,300kms] in 92 days with another vegan friend. I am a strong energetic 58 year old now. The longer you stay and/or supplement raw food eating, the more you realize for your self, in the three catorgorys above , how perfect and amazing the benifits are. These tie together to renew your whole being in time.
    I believe 70% of peoples physical ailments would correct them selves on raw food and exercise.
    All the best to any one who can give it a fair go and find out for them selves.
    I find raw food eating has a profound effect on my thinking which seems to have many of in built levels of unfolding.
    l will gladly wait to see as it happens what new levels of health and growth it will have on me in the future.

  13. Lisa Gibson says:

    I have enjoyed receiving my degree in Natural Hygiene and would be so deeply thrilled and grateful to add this book to my library of raw food resources so that I may reach out to others and help them understand the need to eat well and be well. I have had my own journey these past three years and it is of utmost importance to absorb even more knowledge and insight and I know your book will do just that! I give thanks to God and everyone in the raw food world for the ability to be healthy, and yet I know there is still more to learn. Thank you for your kind offer. I enjoy your newsletter!

  14. Marjorie Goddard says:

    My husband and I are both overweight. While my goal for health is about 15 pounds, my husband’s needs to be more than 100 pounds, according to his cardiologist. He has had triple by-pass surgery plus, recently, 3 stents installed. This lovable cookie monster is willing to eat healthily at home — including green smoothies for breakfast — but indulges in too many fattening foods and diet sodas once he leaves home!

    Golf is his primary exercise. (yes, he rides in a cart) He is willing to read, and I’m hoping your book will trigger a positive response (and action!).

  15. J. Baker says:

    I began making green juices in Feb. 2011 and since then I’ve lost about 32 lbs. (from 215 to 183 lbs). I just recently crossed the BMI boundary from obese to normal, and the weight I’m at now is one I haven’t seen in 10 years! I feel great, and feel like I’m getting better and better each day. Still I suffer from depression and anxiety, so I’m always looking for more ideas about how to live life better with a cleaner diet. I wonder if maybe I should go 100% raw. Thanks Andrew for the chance to win your new book.

  16. Dave Aschenbach says:

    Please submit my name

  17. Perry says:

    I am vegan, but feel like eating less grains will help me shed this middle-age spread and improve my menopausal outlook on life! Thanks for this opportunity!

  18. Amy Jacobs says:

    Hello, my name is amy jacobs I went RAW back in the end of Dec 2011. My roommate was having some serious health challenges I soon later found out I had the same issue ( bad pap) and Pre cancer cells. When I did so I found that I felt better had more energy. Y skin changed . I haven’t even eaten chicken since before then. I have always been challenged with my weight and have gained and lost over 100lbs in the last two years. Eating RAW has changed my body and the way it works and feels. Their are so many choices & diets to choose from to loose weight ; this is a way of life a full lifestyle change . I am happy to say that my cysts are gone and the Pre cancer cells are gone for both of us. It’s amazing and exciting that you have a new book! I can not wait to read it!!!

  19. Chauntell Montgomery says:

    Hi Andrew. My name is Chauntell Montgomery and I stalk your website. Even though I haven’t read the book yet, I know anyone who is gifted the books will greatly benefit it they put it to use. I purchased your other book and the book coupled with your site has helped me avoid the pitfalls that await many who transition over to a raw vegan lifestyle. I am about 40 percent raw now, and my end goal is to be 100 percent raw low fat vegan It’s funny ..I am overweight and have been seeking a sustainable answer to the problem for years… but now that I am armed with knowledge from your site and a few others my overall goal is to achieve maximum health and the weight loss is just a byproduct. It’s never been that way before , it was always about the weight loss and that’s how I know I will succeed now.
    I had a pretty healthy child hood but started putting on weight in my senior year of high school when a basketball injury forced benched me, and I never cared for exercise that much outside of sports. During college I fluctuated but still maintained a decent size by eating healthy vegetarian and using a treadmill but I got bored quickly. Now as an adult in a desk job and less time I am obese I and find and tired..all the time. I don’t have to tell you how that affects your self confidence and relationships. Raw foods are helping me to regain my energy and I am striving to implement it permanently in my life and In my family’s life and I spend hours researching the web for the truth. You are a godsend!
    I always liked how I felt when I was just eating fruit and vegetables..I don’t know why it never occurred to me that one can eat like that all the time until I heard the term raw food vegan. I thank you for your time and dedication and making this lifestyle appear sustainable to me. If I was were to win this book it would be one more tool to help me and my household in our quest to successfully change our lifestyle to one of optimal balance and health. We are slowly doing it with our purchase of a vitamix and implementing green smoothies and salads (made with the help of your book!) but we are aiming for slow and steady so that the changes stick. It’s sometimes hard for people to practice what I am preaching because I am not physically where I need to be to be proof that it works. When I come across this I just point people in the direction of your the book is going to be a holy grail in my house. I will purchase either way so thanks a million!!

  20. Zara says:

    I’m at my wits end how to get back into eating a healthy raw diet.

    I’m 60 pounds over-weight and can only seem to stay on healthy raw food for a few days and then I have to help my elderly mother and she’s baked apple pie! I seem to have no won’t power left!

    I NEED HELP BIG time. I feel that reading your book as well as the fact that we are going into summer when fresh food is more attractive – will help me emmensly.
    Thank you.

  21. Lisa Lee says:

    Hi Andrew, I am 43 female vegan and none drinker. I am currently trying to lose the weight I have gained after giving up smoking a year ago. I needed to do this to be able to donate a kidney to one of my best friends, who through no fault of her own; suffered dual kidney failure 9 years ago. She has had dialysis 3 times a week and is a single mum, but this is now putting to much strain on her body. In the UK, you are now allowed to be a live donor even if you are not related, which is why I am now able to do this; a donor kidney from family is not an option for my friend because she was adopted. In addition, I am registered blind (but live independently with a guide dog), becoming a raw vegan will make my life easier when it comes to shopping, not having to read ingredients, no cooking and been able to have a copy of your Raw Food Weight Loss and Vitality on my computer will enable me to access it without the need for assistance of someone reading it to me. From what I have looked up, one of the main reasons raw diets fail is lack of good guidance and will power. Well having given up drinking, smoking and all meat products successfully, I believe I have the will power so just need your good guidance. Thank you for this opportunity and giving something for free; its a great thing your doing who ever wins x x

  22. Cheryl Bier says:

    I’m a single mother of a five year old. I run my own wooden toymaking business. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was in high school, became vegan while pregnant with my son. I read 80/10/10 a few years ago, but I’ve never managed more than a week 100% raw. When I can eat raw, I have much more energy for everything: my son, my business, my running. I’ve read a lot of books on the subject, but they seem lean on practical every day advice. I really enjoyed your first book, and right now, I’m making a push to get back to raw because I’m tired of being tired all the time. I think your book would really help motivate me.

  23. Rachelle Bradley says:

    I suffer from IBS and frequent migraines. A few years ago I tried raw foods for two weeks. My diet consisted of only raw fruits and vegetables and fresh homemade juices. For the first three days, I was tired, irritable and so hungry! But I stuck with it and after three days, I seemed to pass a bump and suddenly I felt great! I slept less because I had extra energy, I didn’t have my usual morning headache, my stomach wasn’t upset like it normally is and my skin even began to clear up. As a bonus, I had lost some weight and emotionally I felt so much lighter and happier!

    But as it became increasingly harder for me to be excited about eating nothing but raw foods, I fell back into my old habits. I feel that was mostly due to not researching more recipes. So I got bored and went back to eating my old way. I quit smoking a few months ago and gained more weight and now I just feel really unhealthy physically and mentally.

    I attended a local raw food cooking class recently and now I am ready to try again. This time I am prepared with new recipes and renewed enthusiasm! I am willing to adapt to at least 80% raw foods if not more. I want to make this my lifestyle from now on, so I am looking for support and encouragement to stick with it. I feel a calling towards this lifestyle – it is what my body and mind needs.

    I am so grateful for websites like yours, it provides me with information and inspiration to make my life better. Thank you for the chance to win a free copy of your book and thank you for the work you’re doing!

  24. Eko says:

    I intend to change my family’s life for the better, my sister is increadibly in need of this book as she has always been overweight due to a depressive mental state and eating ‘comfort’ foods in order to feel loved. I have tried my best but had my onw issues to deal with and didn’t have enough energy to deal with the situation worsening around me. now that i am raw 80/10/10 I have the time and the mental clarity to deal with this in the best way i can and also feel like I want to once more after all the years of pain/isolation. I have always been held in respect by my family and this would truely make it come back after years of silence as I didn’t know how to punch through the wall of ignorance which I knew existed. Now I am ready as I have started with myself and desire so storngly to share this vitality and healing prowess with the wider community, and as the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’ so please help me to help drop the alkalinity and healing into my family and i promise to spread the message far and wide as I am even setting up a music/arts festival based upon 80/10/10 nutrition with dance as the exericse regime =)

  25. I’ve already been eating 80/10/10 (low-fat) raw vegan, with no overt fats, since the beginning of 2011, over a year ago. I use a simple knife and cutting board method of eating with minimal food preparation. However, I enjoy the supplemental research that Andrew Perlot has done. I use as a reference guide. I like that he is not corrupted as many raw food teachers have become. Instead, he tells people the target diet, which relies on whole foods (directly from the plant), the best digestion, and the least amount of irritants. People can choose for themselves how close they want to be to the target. I also enjoy Andrew’s professional journalist style of writing. There’s no marketing hype, just honest research.

    Stephani Spitzer, I have no doubt that you can reduce your body fat percentage to athletic levels. It will happen gradually and sustainably.

  26. -Name Removed Upon Request - says:

    I have been battling obesity and a disfigured body for a long time now. In my quest for change I came across the raw food lifestyle and tried the gourmet recipes and ended up with more candida than I ever had before eating so much nuts and seeds and olive oil. I also had serious difficulty with the tedious preparation of gourmet raw foods and wanted an eating lifestyle that was simple and practical. In my search for answers, I ended up on your site, and found great value, especially with the video clips showing you eating fruit. It gave me an idea of how to eat for wellness. However, i still find myself struggling with cravings so bad that I have actually developed a deadly sporadic eating lifestyle: I eat healthy raw food for two or three days and then lapse into real bad and sad eating and binging for a week or more and back to raw for two days and again give in to cravings and plunge back to bad eating for five days…. this cycle is repeating itself and frustrating me very much. I want to change. I am ready for change and believe that the nuggets you have in your book will be just what i need to take me to the next level – to guide me on dealing with the extreme and derailing cravings I have, guide me in understanding what and how much to eat, enlighten me on how to shop wisely for my new lifestyle, and answer the many questions i have about SIMPLE EATING OF UNCOOKED FOODS. The COMPLICATED preparation of uncooked foods just does not resonate with me. I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for the simple and straight forward education on raw living.

  27. Amy says:

    I began my raw food journey a few months ago, after years of eating a “caveman” diet to eradicate my Crohn’s Disease and be able to have children. Although I felt well, I took a ton of supplements to make up for the lost enzymes in cooked food. I have done, and am still, researching the raw food lifestyle to see what will work for me. As a personal trainer and fitness nutrition consultant, I work with folks of all walks of life, age, ability, goals, etc.

    I am looking forward to your book to guide me past the myths and be able to nourish my body in a way that makes me function optimally. I have found your site and information to be fabulous, straight forward and easy to understand. I am looking to go 100% raw as I feel best on the days I am able to do this.

    Getting the right amounts of nutrients for optimum performance is key for me, and I’d like to be able to further coach clients in this regard. Your book will be a perfect fit for both my personal and professional life. I am super excited about figuring out how to be raw with health and vitality.

    I appreciate and value the information shared by Andrew-Perlot. Thank you!

  28. Emily Clow says:

    I started my raw food journey in early February of this year and have never felt better about being me in my life! In these early days of 811rv I have been consuming many smoothies and green drinks to get my body used to consuming *so* many calories. I have been able to keep up on the fruit eating while starting to drink less smoothies (and eating more solids). I am excited for each bit of knowledge that helps to get me to the next stage of this wonderful lifestyle transition; your articles are truly invaluable! I am excited to learn how to confidently go forth and declare “I am a raw foodist!” Reading the trials and tribulations of those who have gone before me has been one of the best motivational factors I could have imagined ^_^ I would be more than thrilled to get a copy of your new book providing insight into your raw food journey.

    light and love-

  29. Joetta Smith says:

    I am called Mama Jo and I have been a missionary in Kenya for over nine years. I was quite heavy and thought older people could not lose weight easily and had almost given up – I’m 70 years old.

    I decided to try a raw fruit and vegetable diet along with boiled eggs, raw milk (all we get in Kenya) and olive oil and applecider vinegar and sometimes raw honey. I found I was not feeling so hungry after a few days on this diet.

    It has been one year now and I have lost over 25 kg! I didn’t “diet”, I just changed my lifestyle to what I though would be a healthier way of eating. Losing the weight means it is much easier to get around as we often go on pikipikis (motorbikes) into the interior and do a lot of walking as most of our ministry is in the interior. I do not have access to books like yours here and I was so happy to find your website. God bless you.

    I have recommended this way of eating to another older woman (80 yrs) and she was amazed to see the pounds drop off!! So, yes, you get my vote for eating raw foods. When I am hungry I find it is the raw foods that I am hungry for!! I am able to bypass things that I know are not healthy without any problem. YEA for natural raw food!! Thank you, Mama Jo, Treasure Keepers Kenya

  30. Tammy Childs says:

    I have been on a vegetarian diet for about a year now. I have seen a lot of good results. Before I started this diet, I was a whopping 272 pounds. I am now around 210. I have heard all my life it is not easy for a person over 40 to lose weight, well I am happy to announce that I am over 50 and still going strong, using simple ideas such as the raw foods diet. Losing weight couldn’t be easier. Not only is it easy, it is nutritious too. Cooking, sometimes loses some of the nutrients in food, thus the raw food diet. When I started, my BMI was 45…it is still very high, at 32….with the help of the raw food diet, I will reach my goal and maintain it….Thanks Andrew for your insight of the Raw Food Diet!

  31. Levi Planter says:

    I first began to experiment with raw foods in 2008. I started on High Fat, Low Carb and I kept stopping and starting until I got frustrated and quit. I discovere Yoga, and I noticed that I felt the best when I did my yoga practice coupled with low fat, high carb. My problem is education. This time I felt great after every meal but I didn’t eat enough fruit. I have since read 80/10/10 and I am trying to get that feeling back on a permanent basis. To feel that level of vitality and deny myself is frustrating, but I believe it can be done. I need to lose 30 pounds. I put on some pounds over the last year that MUST GO AWAY. My goal is to run my first marathon and I believe I will be able to achieve this goal, and perform well, on a low fat, high carb raw vegan diet. I need to be healthy for my children, I need to be an example for them as well. I grew up obese as a child and I don’t want my 7 and 4 year old to go in that direction. This lifestyle and my yoga practice has to transform my life, I don’t think anything else will work for me in the long term.

  32. Jane Kurtz says:

    I have been Vegan for over 5 years. I lost some weight and started feeling better almost immediately. I exercise regularly, however I have not been able to completely transition into a Raw food lifestyle. Im 54 years old and still compete in mountain bike and cyclocross bicycle races, and would love to take it to the next level.
    I’m confident that your book “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” will help me get to that goal. Weight loss goal is 10-15 lbs as well.
    I enjoy reading your newsletters.
    Jane Kurtz

  33. Mark Belnap says:

    I have been following a diet to lose weight and control my diabetes. I truly need to do something drastically because my feet are feeling the early stages of neuropathy and I seem to have other issues slowly taking place, blurred vision, general weakness and lack of energy to simply read or take a test. Pain in my legs and feet often accompanies my daily routine. I find myself melancholy and wanting to drink caffeine in the form of Soda and other sources for a pick me up. Every once in a while I will take a candy bar to get a sudden burst of energy which always drops me. I do not eat meat, eggs, or dairy. Once in a while I will have fish but no beef, chicken, or pork. No animal products. I have one vice and that is peanut butter all natural and it has way to much salt. I have learned to love Romaine lettuce, Bak-choy and Kale. I eat quite a lot of spinach. I would love to know if there is a better way. I fear that I may lose my sexual functions too if I do not do something to reverse my diabetes type 2. I have read the books that say over 20,000,000 men lose there ability to enjoy their sexual encounters with their spouses… I do not want that to happen to me because of diabetes meleitus.

    Best regards,


  34. Liz Smith says:

    I am 2 weeks into being raw. I am 31 years old and a mother to 2 girls. I had gotten to the point where I felt like the best years were behind me and I would continue to decrease in energy and increase in size. I felt like a frumpy mom who was constantly irritable, worn out, and depressed. What a sad life! After 2 weeks of being raw I am SO excited that there is hope! I am confident that my energy will keep increasing as my body becomes what it was meant to be. I have been devouring any article I can find on this lifestyle to find what works best for me. I feel younger already and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. My children are benefiting and are enjoying the food way more than I had anticipated. I am still a beginner so I think your book will help improve and guide me on this fantastic journey. Thanks for all your posts and videos online so far! They are reaching people and helping us to change.

  35. Julie Davis says:

    I have worked with overweight/food addicted clients for many years. I struggled myself with binge eating/throwing up, laxatives, alcohol, and chronic digestive issues. When I switched to raw foods my emotional and physical (and spriritual!) issues balanced out in ways that medical/psychiatric/rule-based recovery couldn’t achieve. Now I promote (personally and professionally) raw food as one of the most useful components of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual change. Like your regular newsletter, I am sure that your Ebook will be a necessary tool for me and many others.

  36. Cissy Charles says:

    I am a newly vegan trying to eat healthy. I have been a vegetarian for the past 15 years but in an unhealthy way eating too much processed and fatty/junk foods. My life long goal is to eat more whole foods in it’s natural state instead of buying vegetarian/vegan processed, packaged foods. My weight over the years have seen 60+ pounds causing my overall health to suffer. I would like to be able to go back to running like I did in my younger years without running out of breath and stamina.

  37. Angela Sanguinetti says:

    In 2005 I became a vegetarian and then, in 2009, a vegan.

    Those simple changes had a tremendous impact on not just my life, but the lives of my family and friends. However, there is one thing I do regret: not having the proper information at my disposal. I know that having a book filled with the research I needed (which, I’m sure there were some) would have saved me countless months of confusion and quite a lot of money.

    Now that I plan on adopting a raw food lifestyle, I don’t want to make that same mistake. Yet, regardless of how the book will help me improve my own health, having your positive influence on my family is definitely one of the greater benefits.

    Take care,


  38. Nancy Alaniz says:

    I am a 51 year old female, and since my late thirties I have made poor food choices, and kind of hate my lazy bone when it comes to eating real, un-processed food.
    The concept of raw food has always intrigued me because I realize that is how God intended food to be for us and made it so prevalent. But I have not been won over quite yet. I realize that once I am won over that I would NO Doubt become the person that I see myself as in my heart, not how I appear in person. I love the thought of it, but when I see the tonnage of raw food that is required and the constant running to the store for more fresh food, my mind defeats the whole idea. When I work all day, I just want to come home after work and stay home, not go out and buy fresh food.
    I think/hope that I could learn some tips on how to make this a do-able lifestyle and actually be that person I want to be!
    I really love getting your emails and my heart desires to be like you, but I have not made the connection/committment to change, even though it is what I want!
    Even if I don;t win the book, thank you for your weekly emails! Keep them coming! One day, the light will go on and I will convert! XOXO!

  39. Susan Dunn says:

    Hello Andrew,
    I have been attempting to follow the 811 format, off and on, for over two years now. I had done all RAW, off and on, over the last 20 + years. I always loose weight, the last time 43 lbs. I have kept it pretty much under control although I am not now eating 811. I tended to get tired, bruise easily, and just could not face one more “sweet, juicy fruit”

    A few months ago, my daughter heard about the fructose malabsorption and the HFI (hereditary, fructose intolerance) condition. she and I both have many of the symptoms of the “disease” but mine are much milder, but have been with me for most of my life. she is being genetically tested for this condition (HFI) and if positive, I will be tested also.

    So, although I really enjoy most of your writings, I’m still concerned about doing the 811 full time again. I have put back 8-10 lbs of the weight I took off, and I sometimes really get the desire for fruit (I’ve been totally off for almost 3 months now) but will wait to hear the results of my daughters testing.

    BTW, I’m soon to turn 71, and in better health than many my age, so I am grateful for my blessings :) Good luck with your book!!!

  40. Assata Bradford says:

    I have been carrying approximately 40lbs extra since my daughter was born 3 years ago. I used to be an avid dancer and yogini. I experienced extreme post partum depression and have been seeing an acupuncturist and therapist weekly to help deal with the stress and anxiety that has developed. I have been a pescatarian for years and recently started eating about 80 percent raw. My daughter has been experiencing allergies and has repeatedly gotten sick over the past few months. I know changing out diet will have positive effects on our health. I need help to sustain this new food lifestyle and creativity in how to present it in my daughter’s diet so we can both receive the health benefits of eating raw.

  41. grace says:

    Hi Andrew!
    Your book sounds really interesting. I have been trying to do the raw food lifestyle for about a year now. I keep slipping up. I would love to find a book that explains what to eat and very simply. Most of the books I have gotten have to much fat in the recipies. I do great for breakfast and lunch but never seem to know what to eat for dinner. I also have two children, who would also like to eat better. I do find the raw food way of life to be very expensive, so I would love to save money shopping, and I would love to read your ideas. Most of all, I am on your email list and look forward to reading you question and answers. I have read all of your web site, and I love what you say and the way you say it. I guess you could say I am “hungry” for more to read. Thank you

  42. andrea says:

    I would love to lose the extra weight i’m carrying because literally its weighing me down. I want to be as fast and fit and vibrant as I feel on the inside, but on the outside. I’ve been a low fat raw vegan for for the last 3 months, and I definitely feel amazing compared to how I used to feel. But I still have a ways to go and some weight to lose. And that’s where I think “Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality” could really help.

  43. Yvonne says:

    I have struggled with my weight for a very long time. I’ve tried countless fad diets and am just tired of it all. This past year i have been really ill and i have recently been diagnose with GERD. I am antisocial and have lost some friends and relationships due to this. I’m just tired of feeling this way and i want to take charge of my life and body. I feel like the raw food Weight loss and Vitality is the chance i need to make better decisions and educate myself and not only will i get the benefits of weight loss but a healthy disease free body. I’m graduating in September so would like to lose weight and be more confident in myself. I really feel that this would give me a great opportunity to get myself and my life back on track.

  44. Lynda MacNeil says:

    Hi Andrew! Thank you for coming out with “Raw Food Weightloss and Vitality”! I am excited to read it. You always have a way of cutting through to the heart of the matter!
    I am very interested in this book so that I can learn more information to be able to stick with the 80/10/10 diet better. I am surrounded by foodies (husband and friends) and it is difficult, if not impossible at times, to explain why I am being so “restrictive”. I am very much in transition, having just given up overt fats, cooked food and salt, so I’m looking for support and knowledge.
    I have struggled with weight my whole life and have recently learned that I carry the “fatso” gene with a 73% chance of obesity, which when given a positive spin, means that my body is more efficient and needs fewer calories to function. This explains my life long struggle with weight loss, which I am beating, btw at 5’4″, 123 lbs and 54 yrs old. I want to beat these odds, be healthy and inspire others to do the same.

  45. Carol Richane says:

    I am already active and have been enjoying the 80-10-10 lifestyle since last summer, (August 2011). I happened to run across the documentary on Netflix, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which inspired me to drop the animal protein diet I was following and change to an all plant based diet. Prior to going raw, I had been dedicated to a high protein, bodybuilder type of carb cycling diet which had helped me lose 20 lbs at first, but for some reason, had stopped working and I could no longer lose anymore weight. I had wanted to drop about 20 more pounds but no matter how hard I exercised and carb depleted, it wouldn’t budge and I was left very frustrated. The diet also caused me to have severe sugar cravings since no sugar was allowed, not even fruit. I hardly ate a piece of fruit for two years! I also had concerns about the safety of this diet since the author of the book I was following, died of cancer, even though she claimed it was a healthy lifestyle. Clearly, my gut instincts knew this wasn’t right. The high levels of protein also caused digestive problems like constipation, so after two years of this nonsense, I gave up and discovered raw food and Dr Doug Graham’s book, 80-10-10. I also found a small community of 80-10-10er’s on youtube and watched everything I could find.

    This lifestyle has drastically changed my family in many ways. My daughter has mild autism and eating lots of raw fruits and lightly steamed vegetables has helped her stay calmer with less meltdowns and anxiety. She does well at school and has gotten good report cards this year. I don’t get as much negative feedback about her behavior either.

    The biggest change we’ve seen is our energy levels are much higher. We sleep better, we wake up earlier and feel rested. I can exercise at higher levels of intensity, ride my bike for hours and am always on the go now. Just a couple of years ago, I was suffering from anemia which led to a major surgery. I had very low energy levels then and was eating a meat and dairy based diet as well. We no longer have cow’s milk in the house and rarely eat any eggs.

    I plan to take it to the next level by getting my body fat percentage down to an athletic level. Over the years, hormones, tumors, and pregnancy left me with lots of abdominal fat that I could not burn off, but now I am on a good exercise program and eating raw fruits and salads every day and little by little, I can see my body re-shaping itself. It still comes off slow but I am hopeful that in time, I will see some big changes and all the fat will eventually burn off. I am forty-six and feel as energetic as I did in my early twenties. My husband also looks as young as ever, feels great, and says he plans to keep it up. We have a Vita-mix blender too and it is wonderful and makes it so easy to follow this lifestyle. My parents and also my in-laws have bought blenders and are trying to incorporate smoothies into their daily routines.

  46. Tarsheka Villatoro says:

    I began researching vegan and raw vegan information approximately six months ago. Prior to this time, I began noticing differences in my appearance, energy level, and eating habits, and tried to make changes. I completed seven days of the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox, and felt better in those respects. However since then, my health has taken a negative turn. My weight is now the highest it’s ever been; I’m experiencing chronic neck and back problems; and my digestive tract is not functioning properly.

    I’m eager to learn more about a raw vegan diet and how to properly implement this type of lifestyle change into my life. I’m a single mother of two boys, work full-time, and attend school. Needless to say it’s difficult to focus on my health needs with so much going on; however, I believe that creating this change in my life will also allow me to better educate my children and others about how to eating healthy without cutting corners or causing more damage in the long run.

    I’ve admired your sharing and recipes and definitely plan to get this book, even if I don’t win it.


  47. Carol C. says:

    I have been striving and struggling with going raw for a few years now, but am still not there yet. I want to lose weight, but I feel like I am doing the wrong things. I would LOVE to learn more about exactly what to do for raw food weight loss. Your book may just be the answer I have been searching for.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  48. Luis Medrano says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m already a raw foodist, mostly raw, but quite simply more than anything I think your book will serve as motivation to keep this lifestyle going and more importantly for me finally make the move to 100% raw. I’ve gone no more than 20-30 days all raw, and I feel ready to step it up. I imagine your book would be a great read during this process. Thanks man!

    – Luis Medrano

  49. Nancy Reed says:

    I have lost and gained the same 20 pounds many times. I need to lose at least 40 pounds and feel so helpless when it comes to making the right food choices. I’m 56 and suffer greatly with carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I would love to get my health back and need help figuring out how to do it and how to be happy on a raw food diet. I also need to make food for the rest of my family and they won’t eat much raw, so I need to figure out how to make two sets of meals and keep everyone happy. This book sounds like it has a great deal of information that I can use to get on the right path to health.

    Thank you for reading this and considering me.

  50. Lochana Ekanayake says:

    I’m a young teenager who’s been trying to loose some excess weight. I have tried the raw food diet in several occasions for a period of 4-6 days and felt instant vitality. I would like to resume the diet for a at least a 30 day period to see all the health benefits, therefore encouraging others to try this miracle “diet”. I have constantly researched ways of how to eat the healthiest raw food diet possible; I think this books will definitely clear some questions that I have in mind. It will also allow me to persuade my mother to try the diet as well!!

  51. Erin Moore says:

    I am very excited about your contest. I really hope to win because I started the raw diet on April 1st 2012 and in just 9 days of being on this diet I have experienced amazing things. The problem is I feel like I only know 5% off what I need to know. Last year I had cancer and surgery. My blood sugar numbers are horrible. I have high blood preasure. I am very over weight. Over the last three months I have been experiencing additional problems like not being able to put preasure on the bottoms of my legs, which makes sleeping uncomfortable or sitting with legs on a stool impossible. My gums had pockets of red that I could not fix. It hurt to get up off a chair or sit down on the toilet. The last straw was when every inch of my skin felt like it had a bubble of water trying to get oit but couldn’t

  52. Erin Moore says:

    Sorry I hit submit when I didn’t mean to. So the great and exciting part is that after 9 days of the diet my blood sugar is alreadywhere it should be and I can not believe it. That is so huge because diabetes is sooo bad. I will be getting my blood preasure taken this Thursday and I can’t wait. The water under the skin is gone. I can now sit in a lazy boy with no problem. No pain any more sitting down or getting up. I can walk for three hours with no pain in my hips. I am so amazed that all of these things have already happened and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. If anyone is reading this that has not tried the diet please just commit for two weeks. You will see a change especially in energy. What is two weeks just do it. I am commiting for life. I forgot to say that I am 37.

  53. Catherine Ann Spies says:

    Hi, I’m a single mom of two beautiful boys, 11yrs and 16yrs, and turned 40 this yr. A wakeup call!! I discovered your website when looking for some way to improve the way I felt about myself & and have been receiving your newsletters. I love them! I had been battling with major migraines, depression, anxiety and pretty bad eating habits for the majority of my life. For me, receiving your newsletter has truly inspired me and I’ve learn’t things that truly work, make life simpler and have made a major difference to how I feel and approach my life. I’ve been living with my dad for the last 22mnth, since my mom died, & he has just been diagnosed with lymphoma (74yrs) and is starting chemo today. It turns out that he has been living with it for a while and amazingly it hasn’t spread to his organs & is otherwise in fairly good health (despite a knee replacement last year). He still works too. I believe that encouraging him to eat more raw food and change lifestyle habits, according to what I’ve learn’t from you, has helped keep it under control. He is more determined than ever to live, eat raw, lose weight, start excercising more (he has already come down to 117kg from 130+kg) and I want to help him achieve that. The other reasons other than myself and dad are my two boys. They weren’t brought up with the best of lifestyle habits, but I am changing that now and seeing amazing results. Teenagers aren’t the easiest to get through to when it comes to diet and lifestyle, but I feel that your book will definitely inspire my boys…coming from another guy who looks good and who’s done it. Thanks so much. You give me hope that my boys can look and feel great about themselves. They’re getting better everyday. Keep up the amazing work you are a real inspiration! :-)

  54. Jonah says:


    it has become quite clear to me that to achieve optimal functionality, one would be wise to adhere as much as possible to the kind of diet you follow; the kind of diet which maximizes one’s physical potential to act and participate.
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done here. You’ve created a solid resource. You are opening eyes and lengthening lives. As you’ve mentioned how you’ve experienced the same, I’ve spent much time digging through the dirt in order to find what I had been hoping to find for so long regarding raw foods, nutrition, and optimal health. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your website. It was learning of Dr. Graham’s perspective that led me to your site, but you did something extremely monumental as well as instrumental by pouring out important, well formulated, and practical information. You’ve provided a significant resource to stimulate the process of getting this done.
    I do what I can to persuade individuals to investigate alternatives, and your website is always written down for them, because I believe it is extremely valuable. However, I wish to accomplish more. I have a certain potential that I endeavor to reach, but my actions are unreliable. I need to become the change I wish to see in the world and exemplify a higher physical potential. This would be an extremely persuasive tool, and not to mention extremely beneficial for myself.
    Currently, my will is weak. Your “Raw Food Weight Loss and Vitality” would be an organized and efficient resource in helping me achieve my goals. It’s not easy knowing of these kinds of extremely beneficial possibilities in an ocean of less beneficial and more so non-beneficial ones. It does however, provide a great incentive to do whatever it is that I can too help as many others as possible within my lifetime.
    If this kind of behavior were to become popular, it truly would be game changing, and I think it’s the central key, and anyone who has strong feelings about anything going in the world without knowing about this, is missing out on something necessary.
    You should take this as far as you can, you’re doing it, this is some strong stuff you’ve got here.
    So it would be better to receive the information in your book at no expense, but I would have zero qualms with allocating a bit of the little funds I have in exchange for something so valuable. It’s clear that you genuinely want better for us all, and I’m right there with you.

    Don’t stop ’til you get enough.

    Best wishes,


  55. Kristin says:

    I started on 80/10/10 two days ago. I am sad to say I didn’t do it for my health, (even though I am a morbidly obese 43 year old with 4 co-morbidities) and I didn’t do it to please someone I love. I did it because my fatness became painful. I reached he threshold where I could barely walk and back pain was beginning to be a daily problem. I was drawn to your website because I cannot follow traditional diets. I have an extreme sensitivity to sodium, so I needed a lifestyle that didn’t include prepackaged or premade meals. I gave up sugar, caffeine and white flour on Easter Sunday 2012 and after a mere 2 days of following suggestions from your website, I can already feel a difference in my mobility. Thank you for this contest and thank you for having a website with so many valuable resources.

  56. Rebeca says:

    I have been on a roller coaster ride of raw food. When I’m down I have fallen back into my S.A.D diet. I have read enough raw books to know about the benefits but it is extremely hard to stick with when you have family, Events and friends that are always pushing you to join in. It is proven evidence such as a person and helpful website like Raw that makes us believe that if we just ignore what others are doing, saying and telling us to do, we can achieve ultimate weightloss through raw foods. So I did a 14 day raw experiment which gave me constant energy, frequent daily bowel movements, better skin, a 4.5 weightloss after week 1, sble to workout with no joint pains, slept like an angel with less sleep time but felt strong and awake, but the biggest improvement overall was my clear mind and happy mood. Then to prove that thee is a difference I ate after 14 days back to my S.A.D diet. At first I noticed my taste buds had changed. My bowel movement were not frequent, sometimes none, my fingers felt swollen and my joints Burt preventing me to complete a workout. My energy was low and my mood swings returned, even when I was sleeping longer hours. So after 3 days on a. S.A.D diet I was convinced to return to endless energy, continued weightloss no matter how much raw food I ate, and most Imortantly there is no one who can now convince me otherwise to eat meat, processed foods etc.. I now know that I have made a life changing decision by taking responsibility for my own health and not blame others as to why I can’t succeed. The power is within me one bite at a time. Thank you Andrew but i am growing and learning with each step. Your ebook guidance can allow me continued weightloss and endless energy success:D

  57. Palmer says:

    At 60 years old, I have never been as out of shape as I am right now. And it should not have been this way. Four years ago, I watched a you tube video about how meat is processed and arrives at our table. It grossed me out and I gave up meat, fowl and seafood but kept dairy in my diet. I felt better about things ethically, but I actually started to gain more weight due to increased consumption of cheese and junk food. A year later I dropped the dairy and junk food. I immediately felt better. I had unknowingly been lactose intolerant – the daily headaches stopped, my energy increased and some g.i. problems cleared up. I had gone from 240 lbs. down to 180. I started running and weight training. However, during a holiday over a year ago, I was tempted to eat some cakes and cookies someone brought in to my place of work. They were so tasty. That precipitated a gradual increase of other junk food. They started to replace my regular healthy diet. Today I weigh 250 lbs. I have stopped exercise. I keep buying good fruits and veggies with good intentions, but wind up throwing them out after they start to go bad from just sitting on the counter or in the fridge waiting for me to act on my good intentions. I need help. At my age, I don’t want to play around with my health. Can you help me change my good intentions into good health? Please.

  58. Anastasia Garkusha says:

    Man-o-man could I use your book Andrew! And I’ll tell you why.

    1) Since 2009, years of trying to do 80/10/10 right, I am so close yet so far to my goals, and I feel very stuck. For some history: very similar to you, middle school on I was overweight while doing the same things as everyone else. College I decided I’d had enough, and calorie-restricted majorly, in addition to the exercise I was already doing yet not seeing results from. I finally saw results by not eating, but it was unsustainable. Slowly I stumbled from anorexia to bulimia, trying to be thin/acceptable/heathy in all the conventional ways. Overweight? Just eat less, right?
    Buliimia was a way to try to undo the mistake of eating. Seriously consider: 3 times a day, facing and failing your ‘health’ goals. In addition-If you know anything about the typical bulimic she is still slightly overweight, even with all she is doing. In daily struggle and pain and wishing there was an easier way, I kept searching and found raw foods. Researching late at night, collecting info, switching and trying and failing and trying again to switch to 811, I finally kicked junk food and bulimia and ate fruit and veggies etc. And ate and ate and didn’t lose weight at all.
    So at this point I am in a strange limbo, again trying to follow all the wisdom yet failing my goals. Why do I seem to be failing 811, when I see so many success stories?
    Im almost embarrassed to ask for help at this point since I’ve been trying for so long. What am I still doing wrong? Why can’t I change where I’m at no matter how much I exercise. Am I eating too much? Too little? Exercising too much? Too little?
    Just seems like I can learn from your journey and finally figure it all out. I’m really trying.

    2) I would get a mentor but I am so out of money it’s not even funny. Yet pursuing health is not exactly NOT an option, especially considering how far I’ve come from what I’d describe as hell. With your help I hope I can stop just pursuing health and actually achieve it.


  59. Charla says:

    I have read many books on raw food for the past year. I am working my way to go raw. I have more than 100 pounds to lose. I am a single mother and money is tight. I am about 60 per cent raw. I’ve hade some 100 per cent days, but trouble sticking to it. I would love to read your book and see what else I can learn and move forward in this lifestyle.

  60. Susan says:

    I started the raw vegan lifestyle May 2011. The benefits have been awesome!! Clear skin, weight loss (38 pounds) and dropped 2 pants size, softer hair, cleaner teeth, much better elimination, more energy and more that I probably haven’t realized yet!! Right now I am trying green smoothies and I can say – I AM HOOKED! Looking forward to seeing the benefits from them :-) Love your newsletter!!

  61. Matt says:

    I am in desperate need of losing weight and regaining health and vitality. I have managed to switch to a mostly vegan diet and want to learn how to take it to the next level. I want to prove to myself and others that obesity isn’t permanite and you don’t need surgery to fix it.

  62. Kenny Marklow says:

    These things would help me in the area of detox. I am 53 years old and have been raised on a S.A.D.
    I have tried RAW in the past. It’s very tough. I used to live in Cleveland, Ohio and in the cold months, it seemed impossible. Very hard to get good produce there too. But now, I live in Phoenix, AZ.
    Better weather but not much better produce. I would love to learn how to purchase produce when ripe and or how to ripen it.
    I intend to follow the Dr. Morse detox protocol of lots of fruits and or their juices for detox.
    I need to get my adrenal glands working again so as to re-boot my kidneys which are not filtering my lymph fluids.
    I believe your new book would put me on the right path with a lot of wisdom and proven ideas that work.
    Thank you and God bless ! ! !
    Kenny Marklow

  63. Kelly Bromme says:

    I am 52 yrs old and have always been a health nut, but confused on what was best for me, trying many different things. I recently was turned on to seeing what the s.a.d. diet was doing to our body ph. Fruits and vegetables are really the best thing any way you look at it. I also have been on a mission from God to help others see what they are doing to themselves. Without health, we have nothing. I would love to have this book to get the knowledge I need to help others along with my own family. Thank you for caring about us!! It is a crazy world out there and the only one you can trust with your health is yourself! We must educate ourselves!!.

  64. Frank Alvarez says:

    Raw food is living food because it contains enzimes and enzimes are life. When you cook the food you kill the enzimes, you are eating dead food. How can you be healthy eating dead food?.
    I know it works. I am a Dr. in Natural Medicine and I recommend this lifestyle to all.
    Good luck with your book, Andrew, if I do not win it I will buy it.
    What about that?

  65. jone says:

    Hello Andrew,
    I red the table of contents and it addresses my concerns and if I don’t embrace this way of life soon I don’t think I will survive much longer – so I basically have no choice. Having tried other diets in the past the only thing that made sence and worked was going raw so I will try it again with the aim to stick to it this time as its either do or die for me. Thank you for writing this book!

  66. Myra Coronado says:

    I have been struggling with weight all my life. I have tried low carb, no carb and sad, amoung other tv programs. I now have a bunch of health issues that ares topping me from living a normal life and that stop me from having children. I need and want the change and education to help myself become healthy. My husband is also diabetic and i know this would help him too. I have been trying to gradually move toward raw foods now to get my body ready. Its so new to me and im sure im not doing it right. Im desperate to lose weight, i know if i do these medical problems that scare and cripple me may disappear. Thanks you for your newsletters. :)

  67. Riccardo says:

    a year ago exactly i went on a 3 months juice fast,I lost 37 K.(74 pounds)got off all meds (benn on some for 20 years),and got so many benefits I would be hard put to list them all.
    I am now a very happy 50 years young person.
    I want to inspire those I come in contact to choose better.
    by setting an example I think that I can achieve more than by using words,still I also need to be able to explain clearly what works and why.this book would help me get back to the next level and by keeping it consistently ,change others.

  68. Mike Stroud says:

    Hello Andrew. I’ve been reading the responses to your contest, and all I can say is, good luck choosing winners! Here’s how I think a healthy raw food diet will change my life for the better.

    I’m 42, married, with three adult children, four young grandsons, and with a fifth grandchild on the way. I’ve been transitioning to a high-carb low fat raw vegan lifestyle since January of this year, though not for the same reasons as some.

    My whole life I’ve eaten a meat-based, fast food, fried food diet, high in everything bad, with relatively little in the way of fruit and veggie intake. Despite that, I’ve been very healthy and energetic, which I know is very fortunate. My decision to become vegan this year is simply that I’ve decided it is best for personal health and for the planet.

    My burning reason to live this way is to model a way of health for my family. Almost everyone in my family has significant health problems: my wife, all three children, and two of my little grandsons. As my oldest daughter says, you have to be the change you want to see in the world, and I want to be the change that will transform our entire family to be healthy in the years ahead, while knowing that our family is doing its best for the planet.

    It would be wonderful to read your new book!


  69. CC says:


  70. Carol Brown says:

    It’s simple. I’ve had challenges since birth and I’ll be 63 in June. LONG story I won’t go into. I’m improved since changing my diet almost two years ago. Green smoothies, healthy salads, more raw. Less meat/dairy. However, I’ve a long ways to go (about to go back to allergy shots for long term sinus pressure/barometric pressure problems). I know I would do well on 100% raw but seriously don’t have the will power. When one is not feeling well or doesn’t have the energy it’s so easy to give into the cravings and what’s easy. Even though I eat healthy over all it’s not the same as full raw. I haven’t given up though and refuse to give up. I keep searching and praying (I believe in that) knowing that I could still end up where I want/need to be. I love Andrews story. VERY ENCOURAGING.

  71. Marina says:

    I am running a web site on LFRV diet, in my country of Serbia and I am teaching people about life style. It would be awesome if I got my hands on this book so that I can make a review of it and people in Serbia can get so much needed inspiration!

  72. Mike says:

    My wife and I are about the same weight – av. 127lbs. She needs to lose about 17 and I need to GAIN that much or more. We started eating raw on April 1. We’re enjoying it already, but more than weight gain/loss, we’re in it for longevity and quality of life.

  73. Ronnie says:

    Wish I had known about this lifestyle when I was younger. I’m 61 and have been obese since I was 2 years old. Never have lived my life at a normal healthy weight. Maybe at a younger age I could have stuck with the raw food long enough to make a difference. I now know raw foods is the way to live better but I just can’t seem to make it stick. Don’t know if your book can help someone like me, seems as though I’ve lost all my will power to hang in there long enough to do any good. Wish I knew how to help myself.

  74. beulah crawford says:

    I have been trying a raw food diet and have been going up and down like a yo-yo top in weight gain and loss. I really need to know how to get healthy and stay healthy. HELP

  75. Kanwal says:

    Dear Andrew,
    First of all I wish the very best in your life and that you keep on being a shining light in the light of others.
    I came across your site recently and felt like having found an answer for better health no matter what the age or no matter what a person might be going through.

    Yes, I still need to learn a lot and hopefully I will broaden my horizons with your and your book’s help.

    I am a woman of 52, with a history of chronic fatigue, Hypothyroidism) and extremely painful periods (known as Endometriosis) right from the beginning of puberty till now.

    All my life till now it has been like going through a painful delivery every single month without having a chance to recover from the pain, trauma and suffering.
    By the time I revered a little bit from the trauma of one period it was already time for the next period.

    Having no support or understanding from my family, life has been a painful horror. All these years I felt all alone in this world with my pain.
    I was not able to manage a professional life.
    BUT now that I am already in a menopause phase and my pain is easing, I feel that it is like a new birth for me.

    It is highest time to make a new beginning in personal life as well as professionally too so I can also help and spread light of better health to as many persons as possible in the rest of my life.

    Then three years before my mother suffered a paralyses attack and after about 50% recovery there is no more progress and she is loosing hope.
    While watching her condition and my own and so many others around me, I started searching for an answer. that there has to be something other than these medical doctors who have been telling to learn to live with the symptoms.

    Then I found about raw foods and have tried a little with what knowledge I have collected and can already feel the difference in energy levels.
    Now it is highest time to go full fledged into raw eating so I can give new life to my mother, other family members, friends and of course my own self.

    I am looking forward to make the world around me a better, happy and healthy and a hopeful place with my new learning!
    May God bless you!

  76. Melissa says:

    Hi! Well long story short I’ve been overweight as a child, lost the weight in my teens, and now went up again as an adult. I am vegan which has been great; a lot of benefits, and you feel like you haven’t hurt a single animal. Sometimes you just don’t see the results that you want to see and I feel that a raw diet will be great. I just want to stop hesitating on eating; either eating to little or too much and for once be happy with myself and not feel depressed or down.

  77. Di says:

    I went through a year of severe loss – death of my partner, massive flood at home, closed my business and family moved away…all the good habits went away, too – all I brought with me from that period was remembering to stay hydrated. The past year has been a free-for-all as far as food..because I’m just numb inside. What I hope for, and I am not so sure hope is a good word right now – but what would be nice is to return to healthful eating through your book so that maybe, just maybe, I can build a new world for myself, inside and out. Thank you.

  78. David Todd says:

    Tried a fresh green smoothie today. Organic Kale and Spinach from our garden,melon and homegrown banana. What a treat. No chance of getting a free book because so many others are more in need and so I’ll just buy it. The offer to come to the mountain still stands

  79. Brian says:

    Hey andrew,

    My doctor tried to put me on medication for high blood pressure. I refused I told him I would control it with diet and exercise. He also stated that I had high blood sugar and would have diabetes if I didn’t change. I got the blood pressure under control and my blood sugar is not as high. I found your website about 4 months ago. I am not on a 100 percent raw food diet, but do you only eat raw foods for breakfast. Also have incorporated them into every lunch and dinner. I don’t eat sweets for snack anymore I grab raw fruits. I will definitely get your new book 1 way or the other. Yearly checkup in a couple of weeks to see if my changes have helped.

    Keep up the good work,

  80. RT Katie says:

    Amazing Raw Man
    THank you for all your research and commitment, being so dedicated to this lifestyle and helping others

    I really need to know how to love myself and be empowered to act in loving ways. Need help so bad, my mind is the battlefield and it’s thriving right now not just on junky food and hormonal imbalances but on junky thoughts based on my past experiences that I just don;t seem to be able to break away from mentally and be free to raw.

    Maybe reading a free book from you will give me a jolt of fruity love and mental wake up call
    God bless ya

  81. Kay says:

    I stumbled accidentally on your website whilst searching for a candida cure. I don’t believe things happen accidentally in life as there lies a purpose behind everything. Perhaps the accidental stumbling has a mysterious destiny ‘s and a hidden purpose which is not yet apparent. Who knows!
    If vegetables (cooked) has partly helped me to cure my candida, imagine what raw could do for me! Winning your book should cure me completely!
    Furthermore I have a dream of changing my career as an auditor to helping people cure themselves through the principles demonstrated in your book. Your book will serve as my guide in demonstrating how eating the right combination of raw food can actually cure us without resorting to pharmaceutical medicines! Help me to make that career change and make a difference my life, the life of my family and a lot of unhappy sick people around me.

  82. Fiona says:

    Hi Andrew! Congratulations on your new book! I would love to win a copy because I resonate with your investigative, level headed style of writing and because the range of topics sound so interesting. I’m a newbie attempting this lifestyle due to recent diagnosis of dis-ease and trust your book will help! I leave it up to synchronicity! All the best.

  83. Beth says:

    I’m a missionary in Peru, SA and I am trying to educate the people here on the benefits of eating fruits. Which are actually abundant here. My budget is very small so I do not always have access to a lot of information. Your book would be a major help. I totally see that a lot of the other people here have posted some really interesting stories and reasons why they should win so I think my chances are slim. Thought I’d give it a shot anyway.

    Congradulations on your new book! God bless!

  84. Jenny Wickham says:

    Hi, I would love to win a copy of your new book, for 2 very important reasons, I have been raw now for 4 months due to my fight. I was diagnosed with locallt advanced triple negative inflammatory breast cancer with secondary in the auxiliary lymph nodes back in late 2009 at 39 years of age. I was railroaded into a full masectomy, chemo and radiation as here in Australia there isn’t much knowledge on other treatments and they acted so quick I didn’t have time to think. Well since then I have learnt so much about nutrition and the mistake I made by having this treatment. So my fight is now forever to eat raw and release all the acidic cells and get my body to an alkaline state to not allow cancer to want to grow and metastise through damaged cells. And by keeping my weight down less chance of acidic cell build up. Also my poor husband has been diagnosed with bipolar and I’m just getting him started on eating raw, but its hard on us both as he has no job due to his condition decline and knowing the best ways to make this affordable would be a godsend as we are also supporting 2 young children and I will fight to regain all our health through this amazing raw lifestyle, but a book with helpful advice like you are offering would definitely help us step it up.
    Thankyou for this opportunity :-)

  85. Candace says:

    I have been RAW for only a few months, and have scoured the web for the most up to date information I can get my hands on. I am also an athlete and it is hard to imagine that this time last year I was merely dabbling between what I thought was a healthy low fat SAD diet and in being a vegetarian/vegan. Now I hate to think back to what I was eating and also giving to my own children and thinking it was healthy. Yuck!!! I compete in figure competitions and everyone that I have inquired with, is hard-pressed to tell me that I am wasting my time unless I eat meat. They have told me that I will never win on a vegan diet, well I will show them, when I compete on a RAW diet. Health is so important to me and I am constantly looking and learning new ways to improve my health as well as my family. I would be honored to add your book to my ever growing collections of RAW/VEGAN works and resources.


  86. Maxim says:

    Last night it hit me, laying in bed I rolled over and snuck a quick arm pit sniff (we all do sometimes!) and lo and behold, nothing! In fact I was so taken off guard that I sniffed the rest of my arm and noticed my forearm had a different and almost pleasant smell to it. I fell asleep to a profound realization that I had achieved something significant. (3 months vegetarian/mostly vegan/about half raw)

    This morning I took off with the idea, it was a slightly late start, okay maybe I got up at 10:30am, but I thought “Hey maybe if I get a good sweat in this morning with a run I might smell less later on in the day.” Unfortunately this was not the case, I later broke down and ate a few hand fulls of Tostitos and salsa, then followed through with a microwaved bowl of leftover cooked vegan ratatouille, which had onions and garlic in it. And that’s when I found your videos.

    I would love to be considered for this book.


  87. Amber says:

    I just ate a ton of raw broccoli, it was so good. Maybe I shouldn’t of ate so much of it, but I guess its better than stuffing my self with chips. (:
    Thanks for all of your advice.

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